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Get Unmatched Window Tinting Services in Kentucky locations

Sun Tint is a leading provider of window tinting services throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We are a team of experts dedicated to providing high-quality window tints at affordable prices. We have built a reliable image over the years because we do not compromise on quality materials and offer superior services that make us stand apart from the rest. Being the premier window tinting service provider, we are proud to deliver the best-unmatched services at competitive prices.

Why Should You Hire Sun Tint For Your Window Tinting Needs

Since 1986, Sun Tint has been offering the best window tinting service to the people of Kentucky and Indiana. For the best protection against the sun and heat, and privacy, we offer the highest quality window films and provide skilled installation. You need Sun Tint if you're considering installing window tint in your home, business, or vehicle.

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#1 Choice For Residential, Commercial, And Automotive Tinting in Kentucky and Indiana locations

Are you looking for a reliable window tinting service in Kentucky or Indiana? Look no further than Sun Tint. With over 40 years of experience, we can help with any window that needs tinted. Our experts only use high-quality films - Whether you are in Kentucky, Indiana, or the surrounding towns, give us a call! Have a look at some of our services:

Our Services

If you want to enhance the look of your home and increase privacy at an affordable rate, our experts can do that for you. Our installers will come to your place to do the job correctly and quickly. We offer a vast range of patterns, opacity levels, and styles at affordable prices. Contact us today if you need window tinting for your home.

Decorative window tinting films improves any space and provides the etched glass look for a fraction of the cost. These are used to make colored murals, glass partitions, stained glass effects, patterns, and graphic designs. It can also help block UVA and UVB solar rays and provides privacy. Don't delay any longer. Enhance your indoor space with our unique designs at very reasonable rates in Indiana.

An exterior of a vehicle is coated with a ceramic coating, and a liquid polymer is manually applied. The coating combines chemically with the vehicle's factory paint, forming a layer of protection that helps keep it looking new with minimal maintenance. With its unparalleled Super Hydrophobic Effect, Anti-Graffiti qualities, chemical resistance, UV resistance, thermal resistance, improved swirl mark, scratch resistance, etc Sun Tint provides a ceramic coating with guaranteed services.

Sun Tint installs commercial window tinting services on storefronts, private offices, and whole buildings in Kentucky and Indiana. We have worked with 1000+ companies. You can opt for a commercial window tint to safeguard your office from thefts and break-ins. It also enhances the overall appeal of your indoor space and office. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy reduced indoor heat and eliminate solar glaze with the best quality window tint. We are just a call away.

Sun Tint provides professional installer services. Whether tinting your vehicle windows with or implementing paint protection to your automobile, you can always expect great quality services at an affordable rate. We provide a lifetime guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied the first time, we will replace it for free of cost as long as you are the vehicle owner.

Don’t risk damaging your car’s paint - It’s important to protect your vehicle’s paint so it can last longer and help prevent the elements from damaging your vehicle. Explore our various high-quality protective films. No other film will protect your car's paint and its shine better than our will. We provide long-lasting protection for your vehicle while blocking the adverse effects of the sun. Contact us today!

Sun Tint safety & security window films are the best line of defense against intrusion for your office and home space. Our solution enhances the privacy of your car, business, or home and decreases the chances of burglary or theft. Call us to give your property the added safety advantage!

An ordinary window tint could leave your Tesla's window with a sloppy look. Our technicians at Sun Tint are trained to provide you with superior quality service. Solar heat can cause battery drainage in Teslas; our advanced window tint blocks up to 98% of heat and increases mileage per charge. Get your Tesla's windows tinted with Sun Tint for improved efficiency!

Customizing your car can be an expensive process. However, it makes your car look unique and stands out.

A good, fast and affordable way to customize your vehicle is to tint the windows. It adds a level of mystique. Tinting your car gives you privacy and helps protect your vehicle from the damages caused by UV rays.

Great Reasons To Use Sun Tint in Kentucky and Indiana 

  • Insured

  • In-Home Estimates

  • Qualified Experts

  • Workmanship Guaranteed

  • Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing

  • Courteous, Uniformed Professionals

  • Scheduled Appointment Times

  • Special Offers

How do we do Window Film Installation?

Before putting window film, our professionals clean all windows that require it. This is a crucial step to guarantee that the film does not warp or bubble.

Then the Installers will apply window film to either your interior or exterior windows or both, depending on the product you choose. The number of windows you need serviced and the window film you choose can affect how long it takes to install. You will undoubtedly love the look and feel of your window tinting at home, at work, and in your car once the process is over.

Window tinting is supported and backed by a warranty to assure long-term satisfaction. If you want window tinting removed, do not attempt to do it yourself. Our professional will do it for you!

Where Sun Tint Works For You

We serve cities around New Albany, IN, around Louisville, KY, including:

Work With Us!

At Sun Tint, we value each client we work with, our rates are affordable and we only use high-quality materials to ensure your satisfaction.


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