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Protect Your Car's Paint with Professional Paint Protection Film


When it comes to protecting your car’s exterior, you can trust Sun Tint to always deliver the best solutions. We have been in business for years and have extensive experience in installing paint protection film to help car owners preserve the appeal and appearance of their vehicles.

Our team only uses the best paint protection film in the industry. This means that you won’t have to worry about damages to your car’s exterior, paint, or detail job during and after installation. You can trust that our installation crew will walk you through the process if needed.


We begin by cleaning your car’s exterior to remove dust, dirt, or impurities that may affect the car paint protection film binding ability. We then prep and finish the exterior surface before full installation.


Our window tint professionals understand that dents can become more obvious. So, they pay attention to this by repairing chips and dents, color sanding affected areas, and buffing the exterior surface to a high gloss finish.

With our detailed service, all emblems, marker lamps, etc., will be carefully removed prior to installation and replaced at the end of the process. Our XPEL paint protection film will last you for years and keep your car paint glowing.


At Sun Tint, we understand the importance of personal preference. Our paint protection film installers offer an array of coverage areas to meet your needs. Common coverage options include;

Partial Front-End Install

This requires installing the automotive paint protection film on the partial front-end area. Installation areas include the front part of the hood, parts of the fender, side mirrors, full front bumper, and headlights.

Full Front-End Install

This requires installation across the full front end of the car. The installation area covers the full fender, full hood, side mirrors, full front bumper, and headlights.

Full Vehicle Install

Full vehicle installs cover the entire vehicle from the front to the back. Our car paint protection coating installation techs ensure that all dents, cracks, and chips are addressed before the protection film is installed.


Why XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Sun Tint is in the business of making customers and their cars happy. Our quality services are one of the reasons we are most sought-after for paint protection film and window tint installations. We use the very best materials available and deliver excellent outcomes by leveraging our team’s years of experience and the right tools and equipment.  


Our XPEL Ultimate paint protection film isn’t just another paint protection film; it is the one! While many customers may worry about paint protection film cost, we deliver affordable solutions that offer value for money.


With our paint protection film, you can easily conceal scars and enjoy guaranteed protection and shine for years to come. Our paint protection material also reflects the sun and UV rays, protecting your vehicle from fading and other sun damage.

Get started by contacting us for a Louisville paint protection film installation quote. Our technicians are happy to deliver honest and transparent services, just like our paint protection films.

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