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Enjoy a Better Work Environment with Quality Commercial Window Tinting Services

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Your workspace deserves natural light. However, what it doesn’t deserve is the glare and heat that comes with it. Employees do better in a comfortable setting, and what better way to achieve this than with commercial window tinting.


Window tints add a layer of aesthetics to your workplace, keep your employees cool, and improve their overall performance.

At Sun Tint, we focus mainly on making your workplace and employees as comfortable as they can be through our window tinting service. Our team works with you to identify your window tint needs and address them so you can save more money on HVAC costs and repairs while creating a comfortable work environment for employees.

Our commercial window tint service is both flexible and affordable. Rest assured that we will work closely with you to understand your specific commercial needs. Our installation experts have the experience needed to install the best quality window tint without hassles.


There are plenty of benefits to enjoy when you choose our commercial window tint solution. Some of them include;

Increase Employee Performance and Productivity Through Comfort Boost

Our commercial window tint service has proven effective in reducing glare and indoor heat. Now, you can better manage your commercial property’s indoor space while keeping employees happier. Our installation contractors are familiar with the different opacity levels, styles, and colors of window tints. We will install the perfect window tint for your office and replace it whenever you need to change the look and feel of your office interior.

Our commercial window tint service transcends office window tinting. We also cater to the needs of property management companies and apartment complexes. Our window tint solution helps keep tenants comfortable, thus reducing heat-related complaints.

Extend Furnishing and Flooring Lifespan

UV rays are dangerous to your window treatments, furnishing, and flooring. With our business window tint service, you can easily block out this harmful ray while protecting your installations. Our commercial window tint service helps to protect your blinds, curtains, furnishing, and flooring. Our installers are familiar with the right solar window film to use to mitigate the effect of UV damage on your business.   


Apartment complexes and property managers can also leverage this solution to create a perfect indoor setting while saving costs on furnishing replacements. Contact us now if you’re looking for tinting services nearby.

Safety and Security Solution

Commercial building window tint solutions are perfect for reinforcing window screens and improving indoor privacy. With windows being one of the most vulnerable areas of your building, our window tints safeguard them.


You can install window tints in schools, offices, apartment complexes, etc., to prevent and discourage break-ins and thefts. The added layer of protection can also shield your commercial windows from natural disasters caused by high winds and heavy storms.


Decorative Window Films to Redesign your Space

Renovating your commercial space can be expensive. Minor touch-ups like painting can cost you thousands of dollars to pull off. Our commercial window tint service saves you money by redefining the appearance and appeal of your indoor space without the extra costs. Rest assured that our window tints are available in different styles, tint colors, and opacity levels to meet your needs.

Our Louisville commercial window tinting services give your commercial building the added comfort it needs by blocking out UV rays and excess heat from the sun. Enjoy a relaxing and cool environment by contacting Sun Tint now. We are open to address all of your tinting needs.

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