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Experience Indoor Comfort and Protection With Expert Residential Window Tinting Solutions


Windows are an important part of any building. They allow natural light into the indoor space and can help with ventilation when needed. However, windows come with their challenges, especially as they can create a security risk. They can also create unwanted hot spots, allow irritating solar glare, and cause fading of curtains and blinds due to exposure to UV rays. All of these problems can be addressed with the right residential window tinting service.

At Sun Tint, we have experienced professionals for all home window tinting needs in and around the areas we serve. Our residential window tinting service not only allows you to save your interior features and possessions from damaging sunlight, but can help keep your home cooler, saving you on energy bills. Customers trust our window tinting services to also deflect UV rays, reduce indoor heat, and provide the extra security protection needed. Choose from the various options of decorative window tinting film to beautify your home or office.


You can now block off unwanted and prying eyes, save more on energy bills, and improve sun control by choosing our residential or commercial window tinting service.


 Indoor Heat and Glare Control

At Sun Tint, our residential window tinting service helps you take control of the sun. We understand that your indoor space deserves the best lighting but shouldn’t be at a huge cost. You can trust our high-quality window tints to give you the best outcomes, save cost, and reduce the impact of the sun on your interior.

 Our house window tint offers the following benefits;

  • Blocks heat transfer through windows, thus making your indoor space more comfortable

  • Eliminates extra cooling costs, reduces pressure on HVAC systems, and prolongs HVAC’s lifespan

  • Reduces solar glare on electronics, thus prolonging their lifespan and reducing chances of damage

  • Protects indoor space, curtains, and blinds from harmful UV rays

  • Prolongs the lifespan of hardwood floors, window treatments, and upholstery

  • Increasingly maintain home’s value while also qualifying homeowners for tax credits

Window Tints for Home Security

At Sun Tint, we understand the importance of home security. Our window tints are designed to provide an extra security measure for you and your household.


With our apartment window tint, you can easily protect yourself from broken glass and protect your indoor space from prying eyes. Our team uses only the highest quality window tints guaranteed to combat the heat and solar glare and increase protection and indoor safety.


The safety and security solutions our window tint services offer include;

  • Reduces instances of break-ins and theft

  • Improves indoor privacy and discourages prying

  • Protects against natural disasters and damages from heavy storms

  • Improves window strength and shatter resistance

  • Protects the skin by blocking harmful UV rays

Indoor Transformation With Window Tint Film for Home

Our window tint film for home is perfect for all your needs, including transforming your indoor space. Save money on renovations by choosing our high-quality window tints available in different patterns, textures, styles, and opacity levels.

Enjoy these amazing benefits with our window tint film for homes;

  • Enhanced indoor and outdoor aesthetics

  • Diffuses harsh lights

  • Improve screen time and indoor temperature

  • Available in different endless designs, patterns, and opacity

  • Simple and affordable removal process allows you to change it easily and periodically


When you choose Sun Tint for window tinting in Louisville KY you can enjoy the added benefits of a professional job that meets your tinting needs and standards. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and will help with picking the right tints for your home. Call us now!

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