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Sun Tint: Top-Rated Window Tinting Company in New Albany, IN

At Sun Tint, we offer professional New Albany, IN window tinting services for vehicles, businesses, and homes. These services include a consultation to determine your window tinting needs and our proven Factory Fit Window Tint Installation Method to ensure long-lasting results.  

Before each installation, our team will consult with you, then recommend the best products for your needs. Whether you want to reduce indoor heat, protect your interior against UV damage, or get more privacy, we have a selection of window films available.

We do business the old fashion way… we earn it! If you expect the best in customer service, product quality, and long-term interior protection, look no further than our experienced team at Sun Tint. Please request a free tinting estimate today.

Premier Provider of Window Tinting Services in New Albany, IN

As a multi-line dealer, we offer a comprehensive range of window films and installations for all applications. Learn more about our New Albany, IN window tinting service below:

Car Window Tinting Services

At Sun Tint, we pride ourselves on providing the best car privacy window films in New Albany, IN. We offer different shades of auto tints to prevent glare and heat build-up inside your car.

Our auto tints feature UV inhibitors, protecting your steering wheel, seats, and dashboard from fading and cracking. A new tinting installation by our team will also give your car a sleek, sharp look.

Auto Tints: Ceramic Coatings

Do you want to give your entire vehicle the protection that window tinting offers? With our ceramic coating service, you can. Installing our Ceramic Pro coating protects your vehicle’s entire surface against harsh solar radiation and grime build-up. This service is ideal for reducing your commercial vehicles’ maintenance requirements so you can save more over the long haul.

Residential Window Tinting

We offer a comprehensive range of window tints for residential homes. With this window film installation in New Albany, IN you can reduce indoor glare and UV damage, ensuring interior comfort. Our window tints also reduce solar heat radiation into your home to keep your interior cool and reduce your energy bill.

Commercial Window Tinting Services

Commercial window tinting in New Albany, IN is our solution to improve your building’s appearance and reduce ongoing maintenance and energy costs. Schedule our commercial window tint installation to eliminate glare on computer screens, ensure a comfortable indoor temperature, and maximize productivity.

Window Tint Solutions for New Albany, Indiana, Conditions

New Albany, Indiana, has a relatively high comfort index with high temperatures ranging between 70°F - 85°F. New Albany and its surrounding areas receive an average of 185 sunny days per year, lower than the national average of 205 days. New Albany has an average UV index of 3.6, lower than the United States average of 4.3.

New Albany’s mild climate doesn’t reduce your risk of indoor UV damage and glare. During the summer, the sun shines directly into homes’ interiors, causing glare, reflections, and eye strain.

Additionally, cloud coverage in the area doesn’t prevent interior UV radiation. Even on relatively cool, cloudy days, the sun can cause your flooring, furniture, and wall coverings to fade, discolor, and crack.

At Sun Tint, we offer window film solutions to reduce these location-specific risks. Contact us today for a custom interior protection solution.

Why Partner With Our Team at Sun Tint?

Do you need a window film solution to reduce harsh glare, heat, and UV damage? Here is why you should trust our team with a professional window film installation service:

Window tint specialists: Our team only focuses on window tint installations, which means we are the window tinting specialists in New Albany, IN.

Years of professional experience: We have been serving property owners in New Albany, Indiana, since 1986 and have an excellent track record in the area.

Proven installation method: We developed our Factory Fit Window Tint Installation Method to ensure long-term window film adhesion and aesthetic results.

Comprehensive window tint selection: Our team supplies and installs high-end window films from leading brands for all applications.


We Serve Locations Across Kentucky & Indiana

New Albany is an Indiana city in Floyd County, approximately 6 miles from the Louisville city center. At Sun Tint, our window tinting installation services are available throughout New Albany and other locations in Floyd County, including:

  • Greenville, IN

  • Georgetown, IN

  • Duncan, IN

  • Galena, IN

  • Floyd Knobs, IN

We serve locations throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

Home, Business, and Car Window Tinting Services in New Albany, IN

Our services in New Albany, IN, include the following:

Reeded Glass film-2.jpeg

Vehicle Tinting and Coating

  • Auto Window Tinting

  • Ceramic Coating

  • Tesla Window Tinting


Architectural Tinting

  • Home Window Tinting

  • Commercial Window Tinting

  • Safety and Security Films

  • Paint Protection Films

  • Decorative Window Films

  • Privacy Window Films

Sun Tint of New Albany


3220 Grant Line Rd, New Albany, IN 47150


(812) 944-0001


I need a window film that provides in-home privacy without losing natural light. Can you help me?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to compromise on natural indoor light for more privacy. At Sun Tint, we offer a wide range of privacy films, including dual-reflective tints, allowing sufficient natural light.

Which window tint brands do you offer?

We offer window films from leading brands, including 3M, 3M Prestige, 3M Scotchtint, Llumar, Sunscape, Huper Optik, Vista, Madico, Vkool, ASWF, Suntek, Sun Gard, Solar Gard, and Wincos, Xpel, Safety Shield, Ceramic Pro

Do you offer mobile tinting services?

Whether you have a large commercial fleet or a tight schedule, our mobile tinting service is for you. When you schedule this service, we’ll come to your location and provide a complete, high-quality vehicle tinting installation.

Keeping Up With the Latest New Albany, IN, News

At Sun Tint, we stay current with relevant events to provide the highest value for money:

  • Indiana window tint law update: Under Indiana window tint law, a vehicle’s rear window must have a window tint darkness that allows at least 30% of light in. At Sun Tint, we’ll ensure that your window tinting complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

  • New Albany burglary statistics: The City of New Albany reported a yearly average burglary conviction rate of 395.4 per 100,000 citizens. To protect your property against break-ins, schedule a security window film installation with us.  

  • New Albany is a leader in sustainability: In October 2022, New Albany became a silver-certified Sustainable2050 member. This award recognizes city-wide efforts to preserve natural resources. At Sun Tint, we proudly contribute to the city’s sustainable development with our heat-blocking window film installations.

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