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Questions & Answer on Glass Tinting & Window Films


Q: Do Window Films stop fading of furniture and hardwood floors?


A: The answer is yes and no. Because it depends on the window film chosen coupled with the dyes, fabric, stains and wood in question. Window films act somewhat like a sun screen...some are stonger and provide more protection than others. With the right window film you can expect to virtually eliminate fading on many surfaces and signficantly reduce on others.


Fading is cause by a combination of Ultra Violet lights, Solar Heat, and Visable light. The films that reduce the most of these factors will provide the best protection for most surfaces.


Sun Tint is fully trained and has 28 years of service to help you pick the best solar film with the best protection for your needs.

Q: I need window film on my home, but will only dark and shiny film work for blocking heat, glare and fading of furnishings?


A: No...absolutely not! The new gneration of Sun Tint "COOL & CLEAR" window films are virtually invisable inside and out and reduces IR Heat up to 98%, Blocks Total Solar Energy up to 61%, and cuts glare to 60% and filters 99.9% of UV light.


Cool & Clear Films do all this while not changing the looks of your windows!


Here are a few photos, and be sure to see the videos on the home page of this web site.


The Top two (2) rows of photos show Sun Tint "Cool & Clear" Window Films from the inside and outside

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