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Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting in Saint Mathews, KY

Savvy Saint Matthews Window Tinting Company 

When you need window tinting services for your vehicle, home, or commercial property, you'll typically scope out the market for an accomplished service provider. The average Joe down the block can’t help you, but Sun Tint can. We offer professional Saint Matthews window tinting services and have over 40 years of experience. We're also well-versed in all types of window tinting. Go ahead - request a free tinting estimate or explore our site to learn more about our services.

A Preferred Saint Matthews Window Tinting Company with Over 40 Years experience

We're a go-to partner for customers seeking commercial or residential window tinting in Saint Matthews. Here're some reasons these residents count on us:

  • Upfront and honest pricing

  • Sticklers for high-quality results

  • Adept and experienced technicians

  • Extensive selection of premium products

Some of Our Tinting Services Include:

  • Vehicle window tinting - Our premium window tint protects your car, truck, or RV against harsh sunlight while enhancing your privacy. You can bank on our professional team for automotive window tinting Saint Matthews services.

  • Commercial tinting - The tint film we use delivers a perfect luminous balance, creates privacy, and maintains unobstructed views of the outdoors.

  • Residential window tinting - Take your home from drab to dramatic with our residential tinting services in Saint Mathews. We use advanced technology to ensure a perfect fit, delivering superior protection and beauty to your home.

Saint Matthews Tinting Services Near You

The satisfaction you get when you find a trustworthy service provider is unexplainable. Sometimes, it starts with a casual online search. For instance, you may explore automotive window tinting Saint Matthews services to get a feel for the market.

If you choose Sun Tint, you can rest easy, assured that we'll exceed your expectations.

We can lend a hand if you need to tint your vehicle or have an expansive commercial property in Saint Matthews in need of protection. Our technicians are well-practiced in various tinting techniques and use premium film brands such as Llumar, 3M, and Suntek to ensure impeccable results. Join our over 30,000 satisfied customers today.

 Why We're A Great Fit

  • Knowledgeable and friendly experts

  • Best-in-class services

  • No obligation quotes

  • One-stop shop for auto, residential and commercial tinting solutions

  • Over three decades of experience


The beauty of living in Saint Matthews lies in the convenience of its bustling location. Residents also get to explore various attractions in the area, including:

  • Brown park

  • Village 8 Theaters

  • Cherokee park

  • Mall St. Mathews

Sun Tin also serves nearby cities, including:

Sun Tint’s Saint Matthews Tinting Services Customers Enjoy

As full-service tinting experts, we provide various services to meet our customers' needs. Here's what you can expect from us:

Other Popular Sun Tint Services include:

Paint film protection: The sun's rays can cause paint to fade over time, while abrasive elements may result in chipping. Sun Tint offers paint film protection to keep your car's paint looking new, which reduces the need for related maintenance.

4121 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207 .jpeg

Mobile window tinting: No need to come to our shop. Sun Tint's mobile professionals can provide on-site window tinting services for your car, truck, SUV, or van.

Sun Tint


Saint Mathews, Kentucky


+1 502-254-0001


Our team of professionals is on hand to field your questions. Some of our customers' most asked questions include:

How long does it take to install window tint?

This depends on the type of installation - whether auto, commercial, or residential - and other factors like the size of the area to be tinted. Window tinting jobs can take a few hours to an entire day or more.

Do your commercial window tinting Saint Matthews services come with a warranty?

Yes, our window tinting services are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. Our workmanship guarantee also ensures we can correct defects resulting from installation - free of charge.

Local Saint Mathews, KY News

Sun Tint's pros have their ears on the ground - we know the importance of staying in the loop regarding local news. We've rounded up some recent headlines from Saint Mathews to keep you informed.

Housing Market Expected to Rebalance 

With mortgage rates and home prices expected to decrease in 2023, buying a house will be much easier compared to 2022. However, buyers will have fewer houses to choose from - as the current housing shortage is anticipated to continue.

Jobless Benefits to Drop Amid Recession Fears

Kentucky residents who're out of work in the coming year are likely to get fewer benefits, making the state one of the least generous in the nation. The projected recession in the US will likely worsen the job market, making it even more difficult for those seeking employment.

Increased Federal Funding to Get Kids Ready for Kindergarten

The federal authorities plan to provide $36M in funding to help Kentucky to expand learning programs for children. This will be helpful for preschoolers as the funds will cover educational materials and teacher training - enabling in-need kids to prepare for kindergarten.

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