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Mobile Window Tinting Service: Mobile Car Tinting By Sun Tint


Customizing your car can be an expensive process. However, it makes your car look unique and stands out.


A good, fast and affordable way to customize your vehicle is to tint the windows. It adds a level of mystique. Tinting your car gives you privacy and helps protect your vehicle from the damages caused by UV rays.

Sun tint owners have been serving the area since1986 and have been in the market for a long time. We have grown in the industry by providing quick and affordable window tinting services. As the times change, we have also evolved and now offer Mobile window tinting. What this means is that we will come to you, and you do not have to reschedule your busy day to have your windows tinted. 

The added convenience of this service ensures that you get your windows tinted at the location of your convenience, be it at your home or business garage. And since we come to you, you do not have to worry about the expensive gas prices you may incur coming to us. One of the reasons we offer the best window tinting in Louisville is our mobile tinting services cost the same as they would if you came to us. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your car stands out?


Advantages Of Automotive Window Tinting

While automotive window tinting helps your car stand out, it is not the only reason why so many Louisville residents opt for it. There are many advantages of tinting your car windows, including the following:

UV protection

The sun produces harmful rays that can adversely affect your skin and other exposed parts of your body. These rays are so harmful that they are one of the main causes of skin cancer. Window tinting helps block these harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your skin and helping you stay healthy.

Protect the interior of your car

UV rays are not just harmful to us; they also affect your car. It is not uncommon to spot a car with a worn-out paint coating, especially in hot and humid areas. However, the car's interior is often at a greater risk of damage due to the materials used and the car’s ability to retain heat.

Our mobile automotive window tinting helps protect your car in two main ways. First, UV rays can discolor your car seats and the upholstery, making your car lose its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, the heat produced by the sunlight can deteriorate the car's interior.

Helps provide better mileage

Sticking with the heat the sunlight emits in the car, tinting your car windows also helps better regulate the interior’s temperature. By keeping excess sunlight out of the car, you may not need to use your AC condition as much, which often drains your fuel. Additionally, since you are not using the AC as much, you can increase the cooling system's durability and use it for longer.

Privacy and security

One of the most important reasons many people tint their cars is to add a level of privacy. Anyone outside would have a hard time seeing what is in your car. Such privacy also helps deter criminals. Most people who steal from cars are opportunistic thieves and do not plan on what car to steal from. Instead, they peer through car windows to identify which vehicle has valuables in it before they make their move. With tinted windows, they will not be able to easily see what is inside your car, reducing the risk of theft.

Safety and security

Apart from deterring criminals from stealing from your car, tinting windows also strengthens the glass. This makes it harder for malicious people to break your windows and steal from you. Furthermore, the cohesive nature of the tinting material reduces the chance of glass shattering during an accident, reducing the probability of glass flying and injuring you.

Tesla Window Tinting By Sun Tint

Teslas are quickly becoming one of the most popular electric cars. They are the standard in the industry and a statement piece for anyone who buys it.


The mechanics of a Tesla work quite differently from other traditional cars. They need more care and protection, especially with their interior, which is designed to impress. You need to work with a reputable mobile car window tinting company that understands the ins and outs of a Tesla’s specifics and can work at your convenience.


Sun Tint has a wide range of Tesla window tinting options you can select from.

What To Consider Before Tinting Your Car

One reason many people decide not to tint their car windows is the fear that it will impair their vision while driving. While this is true, especially with very dark tinting, with the right company like Sun Tint, we can advise on the best tinting percentage for your windows, depending on your needs. The right tint can help reduce the sun’s glare which can greatly impair your vision. To top it off, the right tinting can also help increase visibility at night by softening the light from other vehicles’ headlights and street lamps. 

You should also consider the legal implications of tinting your car in Louisville. For example, Kentucky state law insists that for the front windows, the tint must allow at least 35% of the light in. In comparison, the rear windows must allow at least 18% of light in. Such laws should be followed to avoid legal issues and to protect yourself from driving problems such as impaired vision.


Our Process

If you would like our mobile car Window tinting at home, call us, and we will ask you a series of questions to help make the process run smoothly. We will ask questions like;


What environment is the car in?

Will the job be done outside or in your garage?

Do you have a heat source depending on the weather and season?

Do you have a power source for us to use?


All these questions help us serve you better and ensure that we have all the necessary tools and equipment when we come to you. Call us today and Get A Free Estimate!

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