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Our Services

Sun Tint is the trusted window tinting company for all your tinting needs. Our customers trust us because we pay attention to detail and use the best quality materials. When it comes to paying attention to the fine details that make your window tint stand apart, we are the right choice for you.

As the premier Louisville window tinting service provider, we pride ourselves on delivering quality at affordable prices. Our window tinting services have expanded over the years to cover every one of your needs.

The common services our customers enjoy include;


Privacy and security are two important reasons we offer residential window tinting services. Our customers can choose from the different styles, patterns, and opacity levels that we offer. Enjoy reduced cooling costs, expand your HVAC life cycle, and redefine your indoor space’s look at affordable prices.

Our Sun Tint window tints are available in different designs and patterns that redefine your indoor and outdoor space. Our installers are happy to work closely with you to understand your specific needs. Trust that we can also create logos and designs out of your window tints. Create the perfect decoration at lower costs with our decorative window tinting films. Frosted window film is one of our specialities.

Install ceramic coating that comes with a warranty and peace of mind at Sun Tint. Our experienced technicians have what it takes to do an awesome job of protecting your vehicle’s exterior from the sun and related damages.

Whether yours is an office or an apartment complex, you could use a commercial window tint. Our commercial window tint safeguards you from break-ins and thefts. It also improves the aesthetic appeal of your office and indoor space. Enjoy reduced indoor heat and eliminate solar glare with the right window tint. Our Sun Tint installers are one call away!

UV rays from the sun can damage your skin and your vehicle’s interior. Our auto window tinting service combats this by blocking UV rays and reducing heat penetration into your car’s interior. Now you can enjoy a cooler interior, improved privacy, and longer-lasting upholstery.

There’s no better way to seal your car’s paint and its shine than our paint protection film. Enjoy long-lasting color protection for your car while blocking the harmful effect of the sun’s UV rays. Get in touch with us today!

Looking for a way to boost safety and security without breaking the bank? Sun Tint offers just what you need. Our window tint solution improves privacy for your car, home, or business. It reduces the chances of thefts or burglary while also protecting your window screens from shattering during heavy storms. Give your home, car, and business the added safety advantage by calling us!

Your Tesla car deserves to look just as smooth as it drives. Our team here at Sun Tint can make that happen with ease. We offer an array of Tesla window tinting options to meet your specific needs. Our window tint materials meet the highest quality standards and are available in different opacity levels. Block harmful UV rays, protect your car upholstery, and cool your car interior with superb Tesla window tints.

Customizing your car can be an expensive process. However, it makes your car look unique and stands out.

A good, fast and affordable way to customize your vehicle is to tint the windows. It adds a level of mystique. Tinting your car gives you privacy and helps protect your vehicle from the damages caused by UV rays.

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