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Get A New Look For Your Car With Auto Window Tinting Services!

Sun Tint offers more than the best auto window tinting services near you. We go the extra mile to protect you and your precious vehicle interior from UV rays and related damages. Our window tinting solution reduces heat penetration into your vehicle, saves your upholstery, and reduces the load on your air conditioning system. Looking to maintain a higher level of privacy? Contact us!

Why Gift Your Car A Superb Auto Window Tint?

There are many reasons to consider car window tinting. Not only does the perfect tint give your car a new look and aesthetic appeal, but it also reduces excessive heat and glare. Choosing the right tint combats this problem, reduces heat penetration from the sun and protects your vehicle from the damages caused by UV rays.


With the perfect car window tinting service, you can save money on gas by enjoying a more efficient cooling system in your car. You also get a chance to protect your car’s beautiful upholstery while taking privacy up a notch.


Looking for the perfect Louisville automotive window tinting service station? Contact us at Sun Tint to get started. Our installation contractors have your best interest at heart.


Back in 1986 the owners of Sun Tint created a unique and exclusive Auto Window Tinting installation method called "Factory Fit Window Tint." Compared side by side to other installations there is a CLEAR difference between Sun Tint and most competitors.

If you are looking for the cleanest, most detailed window film install, look no futher. "Factory Fit" give you showroom quality tinted glass.


We gaurantee you if you find a better installation anywhere, we will refund your money! We take pride in installation of each and every Car Window Tinting job!

Remember, our auto window tinting service gifts you many benefits, including;

  • Customized look for your vehicle

  • Reduced heat and glare

  • Enhanced appearance and style for your vehicle

  • Blocks dangerous UV rays


Free Consultation and Estimates

When it comes to choosing the perfect window tint for your car, rest assured that our contractors at Sun Tint have the perfect solution for you. We can walk you through the different available options, styles, and opacity levels. We can also remove and replace existing window tints to match your new preferences. Our services are competitively priced and you can expect fast service delivery!

We are one call away! Contact us today!

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