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Sun Tint: Best-in-Class Window Tinting Services in Corydon, IN

When it comes to energy-efficient window tinting services in Corydon, IN we at Sun Tint can take care of all your needs. We supply and install various window tints for homes, businesses, and cars, minimizing interior heat build-up, glare, and UV damage. Other benefits of our products include shatter-proof security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

Our window tinting services include a consultation to determine your unique requirements. Then, we’ll recommend a window film from a reputable brand that ticks all your boxes.


If you need a window tinting installation in Corydon, IN call us today and request a free, no-obligation estimate.

Premier Window Tinting Services in Corydon, IN

As window tinting specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of film solutions for auto and architectural applications.

Corydon Auto Window Tinting Services

We install vehicle window tints to reduce glare, interior heat build-up, and UV damage. Our selection of tints includes carbon, dye, reflective, and ceramic films. As a result, you can select a window tint that fits your unique requirements.

Corydon Residential Window Tinting Services

At Sun Tint, we install various residential window tints in Corydon, IN. Like our automotive window tints, these films can control your home’s glare, heat, and ultraviolet radiation. We also install security tints that prevent window shattering due to break-ins, natural disasters, and accidents.

Corydon Commercial Window Tinting Services

With our commercial window tinting services in Corydon, we aim to reduce property owners’ energy bills and window maintenance requirements. These films contribute to a comfortable and productive office environment.

Corydon Mobile Tinting Services

Our team offers a convenient mobile tinting service for vehicle windows. Our team will visit your location when you schedule this service to complete the tinting process. We recommend this service to all vehicle owners living in Corydon, IN, including business owners with large commercial fleets who want to save valuable time and costs.

Custom Corydon Window Tinting Solutions

The climate in Corydon, IN, is generally mild and comfortable. However, the summer heat can be uncomfortable, especially indoors.

July is the warmest month in Corydon, IN, with temperatures reaching up to 86.5°F. This month also has the longest days, with just over 10 hours of sunshine.

From May through August, the UV index in this town reaches an average maximum of six. During these months, property owners typically notice UV damage to interior surfaces, including hardwood flooring, upholstery, curtains, and electronic devices.

At Sun Tint, we offer window film installations to prevent infrared radiation, interior heat build-up, and indoor glare during the peak of summer. Our window tints also feature inhibitors that prevent sun damage to your interior and belongings.

Why Choose Sun Tint for Your Window Tinting Needs?

Do you need a window film installation for your home, business, or car? Here is why you should partner with our team at Sun Tint:

  • Commitment to customer service: In addition to window tinting professionals, we are customer service experts. We aim to provide a convenient, hassle-free window tint installation, ensuring the highest possible value for money.

  • One-stop window tinting solution: Whether you want to reduce indoor glare, keep your home cool, or secure your home’s window security, we can provide an all-in-one window tinting solution.

  • Years of experience in the Corydon area: We have been serving vehicle and property owners in your area since 1986. Our team has all the necessary skills and experience to meet all your window tinting needs.

Factory Fit Window Installation Method: We developed a proven window tint installation process to ensure long-lasting adhesion and indoor heat control.


We Serve Locations Throughout Kentucky and Indiana

Corydon is a town in Harrison County, Indiana, approximately 26 miles from Louisville, KY. This town is the Harrison County seat and was the Indiana capital until 1825 when the state government moved to Indianapolis.

At Sun Tint, we serve the entire Corydon area, along with other Harrison County locations:

  • New Salisbury, IN

  • Lanesville, IN

  • New Middletown, IN

  • Elizabeth, IN

  • Palmyra, IN

Our services are available throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

Comprehensive Range of Tinting Services in Corydon, IN

Reeded Glass film-2.jpeg

We offer a wide range of window tinting services in Corydon, IN:

  • Residential window tinting

  • Commercial window tinting

  • Safety and security window tinting

  • Decorative and privacy window films

  • Paint protection films

  • Automotive window tinting

  • Automotive ceramic coatings

Sun Tint


Sellersburg, IN


(812) 944-0001


What are the benefits of a cooling window film?

The most significant benefit of our cool film installations is indoor comfort during summer. You can also expect a lower energy bill since your air conditioning system doesn’t need to operate at total capacity to keep your building cool.

Do you supply the window films you install?

As a multiline dealer, we offer an extensive range of window films from leading brands. Our team can provide and install high-infrared, ceramic, carbon, solar, dual-reflective, blast mitigation, and security films.

I need a film to reduce indoor glare, UV damage, and heat, but I’m not too fond of the look of reflective films. Can you help?

Yes. We offer solar protection window films that are non-reflective. Our Cool & Clear films reduce radiant heat by 98% and filter up to 99% of UV radiation. Our non-reflective films are also available in various tints to reduce indoor glare.

Latest News in Corydon, IN

Staying current with news events is our priority to ensure we meet all our customer’s requirements:

Indiana tint law permits tinting for windshields: Under Indiana tint law, windshield tinting for sedans, SUVs, and vans is permissible, but only above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. At Sun Tint, we ensure that all our tinting installations comply with state and federal law.

Corydon, IN, crime statistics: According to the latest crime reports, Corydon is safer than 38% of United States cities. The property crime rate in 2023 is 10.64 per 1,000 residents. Safeguard your property against break-ins with the security window film installations we offer at Sun Tint.

Energy Assistance Program applications are open: Applications for the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority’s Low Income Energy Assistance Program are open until May 2023. This program aims to pay eligible applicants’ electric bills. If you are looking for other ways to reduce energy costs, consider our Clear & Cool window film installation service.

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