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Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting
in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

Your Go-To Window Tinting Pleasure Ridge Park, KY Company

Pleasure Ridge Park, KY is known for more than just the numerous tourist attraction sites it possesses. This city is part of a long history that stems from the 19th century. While only a few historical sites are left, Sun Tint is happy to be part of the society. 

At Sun Tint, we want to make your home, office, or business comfortable, block glare, and improve your privacy. One of our experts can help install quality window tint for your property or vehicle at an affordable price. 

So, if you are looking for an experienced and professional window tinting in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, at a fair rate, we are available to help. Call Sun Tint for a free estimate. We do more than install tints on your window; we also want to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the final result.

Your Expert Pleasure Ridge Park
Window Tinting Company

Without tinted windows or blinds, people can see everything that goes on inside your home, office, or business. Blinds work great but they are ugly and obtrusive.

Tinting windows allows you to let natural light enter your home while blocking out heat and harmful UV rays while additionally acting like a privacy screen.

So, what makes Sun Tint so great?

  • We have been trusted and recommended since 1986 

  • We are insured and licensed

  • We are customer focused

  • We are affordable

  • We have a wide variety of options to choose from

The services we offer as a tinting company include the following:


Automotive Window Tinting

Having a car with crystal clear windows isn't always beneficial. Our services allow you to experience every benefit that comes with automotive window tinting in Pleasure Ridge Park.


Residential Window Tinting

As a homeowner, you usually choose curtains, blinds, and shutters to protect your privacy. What if we told you, you no longer have to spend a fortune to reduce heat penetration or protect your privacy? The solution is residential window tinting Pleasure Ridge Park. With us, you get to have an affordable way to conserve energy.

4121 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207 .jpeg

Commercial Window Tinting

The best part about having tinted windows in your business or office is that you can have privacy anytime. With our commercial window tinting service, you can have window tints installed in more than just your home or car.

Pleasure Ridge Park
Window Tinting Company

Windows dominate any building's appearance thanks to their form, structure, and placement. But what if you can give your window a better appearance? Well, this is what Sun Tint does. Our Pleasure Ridge Park tint service helps improve your windows, no matter the building.

With our Pleasure Ridge Park tint service, you can do more than tint your home. With window tints, you can create a comfortable work or living environment. You can also improve the safety of your building and home by improving the privacy of your home.

Why Choose Sun Tint

We are more than your average window tint company. And here are several reasons why we are one of the best in the industry.

  • Our services are focused on Glass Tinting, Window Film, and Energy Saving

  • Trusted and Recommended since 1986

  • Free estimates

  • Affordability

  • High-quality industry-standard materials

Some of the primary services we offer include:

Residential window tinting:  You no longer have to tolerate unwanted hot spots and solar glares in your home. With our residential window tinting services, you can keep out the UV rays and save up on energy bills.

Commercial window tinting: Windows are one of the highlights of any business. But what if you can make your windows a little less bland? Well, you can do just that with our commercial window tinting Pleasure Ridge Park service. You not only give your window a different appearance but also create a comfortable work environment in your office or business.


It's impossible to mention Pleasure Ridge Park, KY without talking about the landmarks. Some of these landmarks include:

  • Altitude Trampoline Park of Louisville

  • Waverly Park

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium

  • Iroquois Park

Some of the closest cities near Middletown, KY include:

  • Newburg

  • Valley Station

  • Jeffersonville

  • Okolona

  • Shively

Your Go-To Pleasure Ridge Park
Window Tinting Company

For over 36 years, homeowners, commercial business owners, and car owners have relied on Sun Tint for professional and honest service when it comes to window tinting. Our years of experience have allowed us to have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure you get nothing but the best quality services. We also offer diverse window tinting options, which are all designed to help you save money.

Our premium window tinting services can help beautify any indoor space, reduce glare, and lower cooling costs while still being affordable. Some of these services include:

Automotive window tinting: A car often reflects your personality, lifestyle, and finances. It's also a necessary investment you are making for your loved ones. So, how do you protect your investment? The solution is window tint car services. With this service, you can protect your privacy and car at the same time.

Commercial window tinting: Every business or office requires a proper environment to boost productivity. The best way to do this is through commercial window tinting at Pleasure Ridge Park. The right window tint for your business or office ensures that employees complete their office schedules without interruptions.

The golden rule we live by at Sun Tint is "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you." This is why we strive to ensure that every client we serve receives quality at all times. Window tinting Pleasure Ridge Park, KY is more than just tinting windows; it's about creating the right environment for your home, office, or business.

It's also about offering our customers quality tinting services they can afford. And with quality window tints installed, our clients can continue enjoying their tinted windows. Other services we offer at Sun Tint include the following:

  • Tesla window tinting

  • Ceramic coating 

  • Paint protection

  • Decorative window tinting film

So, if you have window tinting questions, you can bet Sun Tint has answers.

Sun Tint


Pleasure Ridge Park, Louisville, USA


+1 502-254-0001


Does Window Film Help Stop Fading of Hardwood Floors and Furniture?

Yes and no. Yes, because the right window film can help to eliminate fading virtually. No, because if the wrong window film is chosen, the fading on your hardwood floors won't stop.

What benefits does window tint offer? 

Some benefits include the following:

  • Reducing the sun's glare

  • Blocking prying eyes

  • Keeping your office, car, or business cooler

Keep Up with the Latest Local Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

At Sun Tint, we know how valuable being part of the community is, which is why we always keep up with the latest news in Pleasure Ridge Park. By keeping up with the latest in Pleasure Ridge Park, we learn how any change can affect our services. Some of the latest Pleasure Ridge Park, KY news include:


Flood Survivors to apply for SBA and FEMA aid:

The victims of Hurricane Ian can now apply for FEMA and SBA aid. This aid will help make it possible for people affected by the hurricane to start their lives again.

Interest Hike to Impact Homebuyers:

The recent inflation talks will likely impact homebuyers, especially regarding interest rates. Currently, mortgage rates are closing at 7%, an increase of 150%. The interest increase rate is a level that hasn't been experienced since 2008.

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