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Don't Be The Victim - Get Safety And Security Films Installed!

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Security is an essential consideration for homes and businesses. Louisville, KY, residents can take their safety and security to the next level by choosing security window film for their window screens.


Sun Tint offers the best selection of safety and security window films to keep your property protected all year round.

Our installation experts are familiar with residential and commercial installation services, ensuring that clients and customers experience peace of mind at all times.

Our privacy film for doors, windows, and screens is affordable and helps increase your privacy, reduce burglary and break-ins, and more. The protective layer can also safeguard your glass screens from breakage and injuries resulting from shattered glass.

Trusting our experienced installers means you’ll enjoy our window tinting service that comes with a greater level of protection while also being able to reduce the effects of UV rays on your indoor space. Maintain a cool and comfortable indoor space by contacting us for safety and security window film installation today.

Anti-Intrusion, Anti-Active Shooter, Anti-Explosion are the main focus for our installations for our security films and safety films. Not to mention to School Security Film installations, which is a huge focus of ours...along with security for churches. 

At Sun Tint, we have a reputation for protecting homes and businesses through our tinting services.


Our window security film installation contractors are familiar with the installation process required for different security and safety films. Our safety films come in different thickness options, thus making them perfect for all residential or commercial needs.


Keeping Your Property Safe With The Right Safety & Security Window Films

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs. Our team will be more than happy to recommend the perfect thickness and shade based on your specific needs. Our 3m security film, Madico Security film, and Llumar Safety Film are some of the most common options. However, you can browse our inventory for options ranging from 2mm to 15mm window film protection.


With the various window tint thickness available, you can rest assured that your home and business will enjoy an extra layer of protection from break-ins and thefts. You can also block as much as 99% of UV rays and the damaging effect on your hardwood floors, window treatments, etc. Check out our commercial tinting services and elevate the indoor space of your commercial property. 

Reduce pressure on your HVAC system and save money on cooling with our safety and security films installed by experts with years of experience

Don't Be The Victim - Enhance Safety with Security & Safety Window FilMS (NOTE: WINDOW FILM DOES NOT STOP OR RESIST BULLETS)

Security should never be compromised, whether in homes or businesses. In Louisville, KY, you can elevate your safety and security measures by investing in security and safety window films for your windows. Sun Tint provides a comprehensive range of safety and security window films, designed to protect your property throughout the year.


Our skilled installation team is well-versed in residential and commercial services, ensuring that clients can enjoy peace of mind at all times. Our privacy films for doors, windows, and screens are not only affordable but also enhance your privacy, deter burglaries and break-ins, and offer additional protection. This protective layer also shields your glass from breakage and minimizes the risk of injuries caused by shattered glass.


By trusting our experienced installers, you'll benefit from a window tinting service that offers superior protection while reducing the harmful effects of UV rays on your indoor space. Keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable by contacting us for safety and security window film installation today.


Sun Tint is renowned for safeguarding homes and businesses through our exceptional tinting services. Our window security film installation experts are well-acquainted with the processes required for various safety and security films. Our safety films are available in different thicknesses and cater to diverse residential and commercial needs.


Active Shooter Mitigation Window Films

window films offer an added element of protection for homes, businesses, schools and churches, and are designed to mitigate and lessen the damage and seriousness resulting from active shooter situations. This innovative technology not only deters break-ins and thefts but also safeguards lives and property during unforeseen incidents. In Louisville, KY, where safety and security are paramount in window films provide invaluable peace of mind for homeowners and business as well as schools and churches alike.


Blast Mitigation Films

Explosion mitigation window films are specifically engineered to withstand the force of explosions. These high-performance films minimize the risk of flying glass shards, which can cause severe injuries and damage to property. In a world of increasing uncertainties, blast mitigation window films offer an extra layer of security to homes and businesses in Louisville, KY.



SafetyShield, a product offered by Madico, is an advanced safety and security film that provides a wide range of benefits. It's designed to help protect and mitigate against break-ins, explosion blasts, and natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. Its versatile applications make it an ideal choice for homeowners and business owners in Louisville, KY who seek comprehensive protection for their properties.


By scheduling an appointment with us, our team can assess your specific needs and recommend the ideal thickness and shade for your windows. 3M security film is a popular option, but our inventory also includes films ranging from 2mm to 15mm in thickness in many brands.

Ask about our other Bullet Resistant Window Glass Panels (This Not Window Film) to help deter bullets. 


Free Consultation & Estimates

Interested in protecting your window screen and enjoying all of the added perks? Contact us at Sun Tint to get started. Our window film installation contractors will work closely with you to understand your specific needs. We offer a free consultation meeting at your convenience and free estimates for all services. 

Rest assured that our estimates are detailed and transparent. Our prices are also competitively designed to encourage you. Get in contact with us today if you need window tinting nearby.

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