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Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting in Valley Station, KY

Experts in Window Tint in Valley Station, KY

Valley Station is considered a history-rich city. Its history dates back to the nineteenth century, and Sun Tint is glad to be part of that history. We are happy to be your go-to window tint Valley Station, KY company. Since we started the company in 1986, we have strived to be one of the best window tint companies, no matter the town we serve. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that we deliver quality at all times. It doesn't matter what type of window tint you require; we help make that happen for you. If you are ever looking for a window tint expert in Valley Station, we are available to help. We do more than install tints on your window; we also strive to make the tints affordable while still ensuring that only high-quality materials are used. Call Sun Tint at 502-254-0001 for a free estimate.

Sun Tint- Professional and Experienced Valley Station Window Tinting Company

So, what makes us stand out from the rest of the window tinting companies in Valley Station, KY?

  • We have been trusted and recommended since 1986 

  • We are insured and licensed

  • We offer customer focused services

  • We are affordable

  • We offer a wide variety of options to choose from

The services we offer as a tinting company include the following:

Automotive Window Tinting: There are plenty of ways to protect your car. However, that would all be useless if you aren't protecting the most vital parts of your vehicle, the windows. With our car window tinting in Valley Station, KY you can give your vehicle the protection it needs.

Residential Window Tinting: Almost every homeowner uses curtains, blinders, or shutters to reduce the sun ray's glare. What if you don't have to part ways with a lot of money to conserve energy and reduce glare spots? Well, the solution is residential window tinting.

Commercial Window Tinting: The best part about having window tints in your business or office is that you can have privacy anytime. With our commercial window tinting service in Valley Station, KY you can have window tints installed in more than just your home or car.

Valley Station Window Tinting Company

Your windows do more than make your home, business, or office aesthetically pleasing. It also helps control the amount of light and heat that flows into any room. While the lighting helps improve the room, it also comes with lots of sun glares that make your environment uncomfortable. Thanks to our window tint Valley Station, KY services, you can eliminate sun glares, UV rays, and solar heat!

Sun Tints is your go-to Valley Station tint place. Since the company was founded in 1986, we have focused on being the go-to full-service glass tinting company in the areas we serve. The one aspect that stands out about us is that we don't offer distracting services. 

We have stayed focused for three decades on glass tinting, window film, and energy-saving services. This sheer clear focus has helped make us experts in our field.

Why Choose Sun Tint

We are more than your average window tint company. And here are several reasons why we are one of the best in the industry.

  • Our services are focused on Glass Tinting, Window Film, and Energy Saving

  • Trusted and Recommended since 1986

  • Free window tinting  estimates

  • Affordability

  • High-quality industry-standard materials

Some of the primary services we offer include:

Residential Window Tinting: Every homeowner deserves the right to enjoy their home environment. With our residential window tinting in Valley Station, KY you can do that.

Commercial Window Tinting: Our commercial building window tint service can help you enjoy your workplace better. You and your employees no longer have to tolerate the annoying heat or sun glare that come with open windows. 

Some of the closest cities near Valley Station, KY include:

  • New Castle

  • Pendleton

  • La grange

  • Harned

  • Shelbyville

It's impossible to mention Valley Station, KY without talking about the landmarks. Some of these landmarks include:

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium

  • Lamborne Boulevard Trailhead

  • Riverside Farnsley-Moremen Landing

  • Waverly Park

Your Go-To Valley Station Window Tinting Company

Over the past 36 years, we have had the opportunity to offer our thousands of clients quality window tinting services. We value our customers, which is why we strive to ensure that they receive nothing but the best tinting services possible. 

At Sun Tint, we know that our services go beyond just tinting your car or office window. We know it's about creating the right environment, and we strive to do it one window at a time. The services we offer include the following:

Automotive window tinting

A car often reflects your personality, lifestyle, and finances. It's also a necessary investment you are making for your loved ones. The best way to protect your investment is with window tint, which you can do with our automotive window tinting service.

4121 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207 .jpeg

Commercial window tinting

We all deserve a comfortable environment to work in. And thanks to our commercial building window tint services, you and your employees get the working environment you desire.

Sun Tint


Valley Station, Louisville, KY


+1 502-254-0001

Since 1986, we have helped thousands of clients achieve the right environment for their businesses, homes, and automobiles. We have helped them tackle sun glares and save on energy costs thanks to our window tinting services.

Apart from our main services: automotive, commercial, and residential. Other services we offer at Sun Tint include:

  • Tesla window tinting

  • Ceramic coating 

  • Paint protection

  • Decorative window tinting film

So, if you have window tinting questions, you can bet Sun Tint has answers.


What benefits does window tint offer?

The main benefits that window tinting offers include UV protection, privacy, increased safety, and energy savings.

Do you apply the tint outside the window?

No. Window tint, in most cases, is applied inside the glass. This method of application helps enhance its durability. However, on cars, window tint is installed on the interior and hand-cut on the window's exterior.

 Keep Up with the Latest Local Valley Station, KY News

At Sun Tint, we know how valuable being part of the community is, which is why we always keep up with the latest news in Valley Station. By keeping up with the latest news in Valley Station, we learn how any change can affect our services. Some of the latest Valley Station, KY news include:


Flood Survivors to apply for SBA and FEMA aid: The victims of Hurricane Ian can now apply for FEMA and SBA aid. This aid will help make it possible for people affected by the hurricane to start their lives again.

Interest Hike to Impact Homebuyers: The recent inflation talks will likely impact homebuyers, especially regarding interest rates. Currently, mortgage rates are closing at 7%, an increase of 150%. The interest increase rate is a level that hasn't been experienced since 2008.

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