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Experts in Crestwood Window Tinting

Are you in Crestwood, KY and require window tinting services? Have you been searching for a window tinting company near me online but haven’t found the right one yet? Well, no worries, you’ve come to the right place. You can call Sun Tint in Crestwood, KY for quick and professional window tinting services.

Sun Tint is a Crestwood window tinting company that was established in 1986. And over the three decades, we have become the go-to window tinting experts in the area. Our success lies in how we treat our clients and the services we offer. We don’t offer distracting services like auto and wheel accessories, which some window tinting companies do. This clear-cut focus has helped us give thousands of clients the installation they never imagined.

So, if you require Crestwood tint services, you can call us and request a free tinting estimate.

Your Go-To Experienced and Professional Window Tinting Company

Saying that we are one of the best window tinting companies isn’t enough. So, here is a list of why we are one of the best

  • Trusted and Recommended since 1986

  • Free tinting estimate

  • Dealers in the finest window films

  • Affordable window tints

  • Focused window tinting services

The top window tinting services we offer include:


Car window tinting

A car is a necessary investment. The best way to protect your investment is with car window tinting in Valley Crestwood, KY.


Commercial Window Tinting

Enjoying your workplace goes beyond installing the right furniture. It also involves creating the right environment.

Our commercial window tinting services can make coming to work more enjoyable and stress free every day, by helping block solar heat, uv rays, and glare.


Residential window tinting

Your home should be more than the place you go to rest. It should also be the place you unwind and relax.


What better way to create this type of environment than with a privacy tint?

Crestwood Window Tinting Services
Near You

Sun Tint has been in the window tinting industry since 1986. And over the three decades, we’ve grown, learned, and kept up with the latest in the window tint industry. We have also used all the knowledge gained over the years to stand out from the rest of the competition.

One way we have stood out is by staying focused on window film, energy-saving, and glass tinting services. Over the years, we have also installed numerous tint brands from Suntek, 3M, Llumar, Solar Gard, and 3M prestige, among others. 

The multiple brands we have worked with have helped us show clients the difference high-quality films make. It has also made us experts in choosing the right window film for our client’s needs. Rather than waste your time searching for a Crestwood window tinting company, Sun Tint is here to help.

Why Choose Sun Tint

Sun Tint is your go-to Crestwood window tinting company

  • Trusted and Recommended since 1986

  • Free window tint estimates

  • Affordable services

  • Customer Focused services

  • Window tint-focused services

Some of the services we offer include:

Commercial window tint service: You can boost your employees’ performance while keeping your business private. The solution is commercial window tinting Crestwood, KY.

Residential window tint service: Your home is the one place you can relax and let go of the day-to-day stress. However, small things like the sun’s glare or continuous energy loss can make it difficult to relax in your home. If this has been your experience, the solution is residential window tinting Crestwood KY.


It’s impossible to talk about Crestwood without mentioning some of its notable landmarks. Some of these landmarks include:

  • Churchill Downs

  • Muhammad Ali Center

  • Louisville Mega Cavern

  • Belle of Louisville

The nearest towns in Crestwood, KY, include:

  • Fern Creek

  • Jeffersontown

  • Lyndon

  • Saint Matthews

  • Highview

Crestwood Window Tinting Services from Sun Tint

Homeowners, businesses, and car owners have relied on Sun Tint since 1986 for the best window tinting services. It doesn’t matter how small or big the job is; we will get it done. So, here are several services we offer. 

  • Residential window tinting

  • Commercial window tinting

  • Car window tinting

Other window tinting services we offer include:

  • Tesla window tinting: Thanks to our Tesla window tinting services, you can protect your vehicle and have it stay in a pristine condition longer.

  • Ceramic Coating: How do you prevent your car from discoloration? Well, the solution is with a Ceramic Coating. This is made possible thanks to our window tinting service.

Sun Tint


Crestwood, Kentucky, USA


+1 502-254-0001


Sun Tint is available to help if you have questions about window tint. Some common questions we often get include:

Does window tint prevent the glass from breaking?

No. It’s important to note that window tint doesn’t prevent windows from breaking. It, however, does help increase the glass’s safety because of its aggressive adhesive.

Can window tints increase security and safety?

Yes, window tint can add a certain degree of shatter resistance to the windows of your building, vehicle, or home. The bond on the glass helps hold the glass fragments in case of an accident.

Keep Up with the Latest Local Middletown, KY News

Sun Tint knows that keeping up with the latest news in Crestwood is one of the ways to help our clients. You can trust our team to keep you informed of the latest changes in Crestwood, KY.


Flood Survivors to apply for SBA and FEMA aid

The victims of Hurricane Ian can now apply for FEMA and SBA aid. This aid will help make it possible for people affected by the hurricane to start their lives again.


Interest Hike to Impact Homebuyers:

The recent inflation talks will likely impact homebuyers, especially regarding interest rates. Currently, mortgage rates are closing at 7%, an increase of 150%. The interest increase rate is a level that hasn't been experienced since 2008.  

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