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Choosing the Right Window Tint Shade for Commercial Window Tinting Film

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

When it comes to commercial window tinting shades it is a little easier to choose depending on whether the building it is a retail store front or not.

If it is a retail store front and you there will be displays of items for sale that you want people to be able to see, then you will want one of Sun Tint's brands of Cool & Clear window film that looks invisable to they human eye. Or you could opt for a very light film like a 60% light transmission or maybe even a 50%. If the glass is dual pane it will sometimes pick up a glazy look and that might contribute to it being even harder to see in. So in that case you would need to probably stay to more than 50% light transmission films.

The shade you choose also depends on why you need the film in the first place. If it is just heat rejection or fading of items or furnishings that you want to protect you can go with lighter films that have a high Total solar energy rejection and UV filtering. If bright sun glare is the issue, then you want to go dark as possible with the lowest light transmissions. There are several films that have as low as 5% light transmissions.

And remember that the proper window film choice can not only give your employees and customers a more comfortable enviroment but also can save you alot of money on your energy bills.

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