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Common Myths About Window Tinting: Separating Facts from Fiction

When discussing your window tinting plans with someone, you may hear objections making you second-guess your decision. However, in most cases, these objections are due to misconceptions about window tinting among property and vehicle owners.

Modern window films offer various features and benefits, significantly enhancing your vehicle or property’s indoor comfort. In this post, we at Sun Tint debunk several common myths about window tinting for cars and buildings. Learn more about the window tinting facts below.

Window Tinting Makes Your Home Dark

One of the most common misconceptions about window tints is that they all have a darkening effect, much like sunglasses. While this is true for some types of carbon or dyed window tints, many other options are available.

Window tints come in various visible light transmission (VLT) ratings. The lower the VLT rating, the darker the tint and the less sunlight passes through your windows. We recommend darker tints for buildings susceptible to direct solar radiation and glare.

However, suppose you don’t want to reduce the natural light in your home. In this case, you can choose a clear window tint, such as the Cool & Clear film that only blocks radiant heat and UV radiation.

Tinting Is Not Worth the Cost

Another common myth about window tinting is that it is an unnecessary expense. In reality, the right window tint can be an investment with sizable returns over the long haul.

When installing a window tint that blocks or reflects infrared heat, your interior remains cool despite the sunlight shining into your home. As a result, your HVAC system doesn’t need to work at maximum capacity, which means your energy costs are lower during summer.

Some high-end window tints also have thermal abilities and help maintain indoor heat during winter, which has the same effect on your utility bill. Over time, these savings will offset the window tint installation costs.

Tinting Your Vehicle Is Illegal

Contrary to popular belief, tinting your vehicle’s windows is not illegal. This misconception likely stems from the various laws that apply to vehicle window tints.

For example, in Indiana, you may only apply a non-reflective tint above the AS-1 line to a windshield. In this state, front, back, and rear windows must have a visible light transmission (VLT) rating of at least 30%.

When installing vehicle window tinting, work with a professional team that is up to date on your state’s tinting laws.

Window Tinting Is Only for Old Single-Pane Windows

Do you have modern, energy-efficient windows with a Low-E coating? While these windows have excellent thermal properties, they don’t offer the glare, heat, and UV protection of a high-quality window tint. Installing window tinting to your efficient windows is the most effective way to create a comfortable indoor environment that is secure and private.

A window tint installation is crucial if you have an older home with original single-pane windows. In addition to saving costs on a window installation, your new window tints will protect the glass panes while providing optimal indoor heat control.

All Types of Window Tinting Are the Same

You can choose a specific type of tint for your needs. For example, if you need a window film to protect your flooring against the sun’s harmful UV rays, you can install a tint with a UV inhibitor. Similarly, if the morning sun shines directly on your television screen, opt for a tint with built-in glare protection.

Some window tints have multiple applications, such as decorative tints blocking UV and infrared rays. Commercial property owners often install reflective tints to give their buildings a contemporary appearance and save energy costs.

Window Tinting Damages Glass Substrates and Is Difficult to Remove

Window tints and their adhesives do not harm a glass substrate’s condition. High-quality window tints strengthen and protect their underlying panes, reducing their risk of cracking or shattering.

Some homeowners also argue that they don’t want to install window tints because they are challenging to remove. However, a high-quality window tint can last for a few decades under the right conditions, so tint removal is not something you’ll do every two or three years.

Additionally, while removing tints may require a particular technique, this process is not complicated and will reveal the as-new condition of your windows.

A Window Tint Installation Will Decrease Your Home’s Resale Value

Some wrongfully believe that a window tint installation decreases a home’s market value. However, the opposite appears to be true when you take a closer look at the benefits and features of window tinting.

A high-quality window tint can enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and create a favorable first impression among prospective buyers. Additionally, the UV and infrared protection you get from a window tint preserves the condition of your indoor surfaces, including walls, hardwood flooring, and countertops.

Window Tinting Will Kill Your Houseplants

“Installing window tints will kill your beautiful house plants.” This sentence may be enough reason for you to let go of your window tinting plans and keep living with the glare and heat inside your house.

Fortunately, installing window tints will not deprive your houseplants of the light they need to thrive. Plants use the sun’s photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Window tints allow sunlight within this spectrum while filtering infrared and UV radiation. As a result, your plants get sufficient sunlight without damaging heat and radiation.

Cleaning Windows With Tinting Is Impossible

Technically, this objection is valid. After installing window tinting, you cannot access the window glass surface and clean it.

However, installing window tinting doesn’t mean you must live with dirt and grime build-up. The window tinting installation process includes a thorough window cleaning to ensure the film doesn’t trap any debris. Also, these films are inherently dirt-repelling and quick and easy to clean.

Partner With the Window Tinting Professionals

At Sun Tint, we supply and install a wide range of window tints for buildings and vehicles. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you want to protect your interior against harsh UV rays, heat build-up, and glare.

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