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Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting in Shively, KY

Open And Available 

Commercial, Residential and Auto Services from a Professional Shively, KY Window Tinting Company

DIY window tinting might seem like a feasible option for the hands-on types. But window tinting is more challenging than you might be tempted to think. Thus, a professional Shively window tinting company is your best bet.

Doing it by yourself can lead to bubbling, cracking, and discoloration of your tint film. Don’t take the chance - let the pros at Sun Tint do what they do best. We guarantee expert craftsmanship and are fully insured, meaning you won't go wrong with our Shively, KY tint services.


  • Full-Range Glass Tinting Services

  • Free In-home Estimates

  • Insured Service Provider

  • Upfront Pricing

Our Services

  • Residential Window Tinting - Whether you opt for interior or exterior film, you’ll enjoy saving on energy bills and glare reduction. Our residential window tinting Shively services ensure you get the privacy and protection you need.

  • Vehicle Window Tinting - Our premium vehicle films add an extra level of privacy and protection from UV rays. We’re also conversant with legal window tint car requirements and endeavor to ensure the tint we install complies with the law.

  • Ceramic Coating - Leverage up to 99% infrared heat reflectivity with our ceramic coating service. We also include a warranty for your peace of mind.

  • Commercial Tinting - Cut your business’ cooling costs with our commercial window tinting Shively service.

  • Paint Protection Film - Tackle everything the sun throws your car's way with our paint protection film. While at the same time maintaining your car’s resale value so you can enjoy a good return on your investment.

Shively Window Tinting Company Close to You

You know you have the right tinting partner when you choose Sun Tint in Shively, KY. We specialize in residential, commercial, and automotive window tinting services. Our team of certified technicians has what it takes to handle any tinting project - big or small. We are attentive to all the details, ensuring a superb finish every time.

Our use of top-of-the-line window tinting films ensures a safe and reliable installation, meaning your space or vehicle looks great, and the film holds its own over time. Contact us for Shively automotive window tinting services, or residential tinting. We have your back. You can find Sun Tint at 3210 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205, 502-254-0001.


Why Do Our Customers Trust Us?

  • All-inclusive tinting service - automotive, residential, commercial, and residential.

  • Multiline dealer carrying a variety of premium films from established brands.

  • Upfront pricing without hidden charges

  • Workmanship guaranteed

  • No-obligation quote - you can request a free tinting estimate

  • Insured service

Shively, KY's Trusted Partner for Automotive, Residential and Commercial Tinting

Our unwavering commitment to exceeding our customer's expectations and respecting their time has made us one of the leading window tinting businesses in Shively, KY. And as a full-service window service, Sun Tint is pleased to offer our services in the following other cities:

  • Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

  • Louisville, KY

  • Crestwood, KY

  • Saint Matthews, KY

  • Okolona, KY

  • Middletown, KY

Automotive and Commercial Window Tinting Shively Services

Sun Tint is a vastly experienced Shively window tinting company - we've been going strong for over 30 years. We owe our success to the thousands of satisfied customers who've trusted us for years. If you expect nothing but the best, you can count on our competent team to always over-deliver. Below is a comprehensive list of our services.

Prevent vehicle paint discoloration

Give your home or business a new feel

Popular Shively Window Tinting Services

Your car’s interior is usually the priority when you think of protecting the vehicle from harmful solar rays. But the exterior also needs your attention. Sun Tint's ceramic coating services complement our other service offerings - window tinting and paint protection. The coatings protect your car's exterior parts against UV rays, dirt, debris, and other pollutants. Our service doesn't stop there - we also provide decorative tinting to turn your windows and glass doors into works of art. Contact us to request a free tinting estimate.

Frequently asked questions

What types of window tints are available at Sun Tint?

We offer a wide range of tinting services, from traditional automotive tints to decorative tints for your home and everything in between.

Is Sun Tint licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

Do you offer mobile window tinting?

We are pleased to offer our mobile tinting services throughout the Shively, KY area. Contact us today for more information.

Shively Window Tinting Information That Could Save Your Day

To find a competent tinting service provider, you’ll typically search for commercial or residential window tinting in Shively - if you live in the area. At Sun Tint, we believe a lot goes into getting a building ready for tint - ensuring it's up to code and other aspects. And while we do our bit by installing premium tint on cars and sticking to the legal guidelines, the following resources can also help:

Shively Police Department

Website: Check the site
Address: 1800 Park Rd,
Louisville, KY
Phone: 502-448-6181

Shively Code Enforcement Department

Website: Visit here
Address: 3920 Dixie Hwy Shively, KY 40216
Phone: 502-449-5000

Keeping up With Local Shively, KY News

Information can give you a leg up, making it vital for us to stay up to date on the latest news and updates in the Shively, KY area. And by keeping you in the loop, we help you make well-informed decisions. Here's the some of the latest news from around Shively that might interest you:

  • Maximizing a Multi Line Dealership - Sun Tint carries some of the market's most popular and trusted film brands, including 3M, Llumar, Sun Gard, Wincos, Avery Dennison, Sunscape, Madico and Huper Optik. We provide you with the variety you need to get the right look and long-lasting performance.

  • Reducing Vehicle Maintenance Costs - Applying a protective film to car windows can help lower maintenance costs and in the long run, shield them from scratches and chips. Sun Tint provides various automotive tinting solutions to help keep your car looking and performing its best. You can save money and enjoy a hassle-free ride by taking advantage of our services.

  • Good News For Tesla Owners - Overdependence on an electric vehicle's charging and cooling system can reduce its service life. Fortunately, Sun Tint's custom Tesla window tints help protect against harmful UV rays, reduce interior heating, and improve your vehicle’s overall efficiency.

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