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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

As a continuation to our recent posts about the difference in window films, I want talk today about the construction of window films. In this industry there are dyed windows films that are just basically polyester and dye. The amount of dye determines the darknes or lightness of the window tint material.

There is basically none or at best very little solar protection with this type of film. You find this type of construction mainly for auto window tinting. It simply darkens your glass but offer very little in heat rejection.

Next are metalized films. They can have aluminum, titanimum, nickle, even gold and silver laminated in microscopic layers to product very effective solar protection and performance. The more effective these films are the more mirrored or shiny they tend to be on the outside looking into the building or home.

Then you have ceramic window films, made of just that. Think layers of cermic that tend to give you superior heat rejection and solar protection without having to be dark or shiny. Many of these films are manufactured with nano technology that brings this type of film into the forefront of they new direction in technology that is being born in the decorative window films and window tinting industry.

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