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Types of Commercial Window Tinting

The Different Types of Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial windows let natural light stream into your workplace. But the sun's rays can be unbearable sometimes. For instance, the same light can cause glare and heat buildup, making commercial window tinting a viable option.

Sun Tint offers window tinting for businesses in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, and beyond. Our meticulous team can install any commercial window tinting type. And talking of types, knowing the ideal tint or film to use can ensure you invest in the right product. To this end, let's discuss the various commercial window tinting types to clue you in on the available options.

Safety and Security Film

When we mention safety film, what thoughts spring to your mind? Hopefully, the terminology gives it away. Essentially, safety and security film reinforces glass windows and prevents them from shattering.

Businesses face many issues that can cause broken window panes, from vandalism and break-ins to severe weather conditions and accidental impacts. We can't even rule out shootings, which are sadly on the rise. That said, safety and security film offers an extra layer of protection in such unfortunate scenarios.

Every second counts when safety is concerned, and security film may buy you or your employees an extra minute or two in an emergency. You also wouldn't want to hold off on investing in safety film until a security breach occurs because it might be too late by then.

Get a free tinting estimate today from Sun Tint and make your workplace safer. By installing such film, your doors or outward-facing windows can provide extra security while remaining transparent and allowing natural light to beam through.

The film also keeps shards of broken glass together (should the unexpected happen). By doing so, it reduces the risk of injury and costly repairs. If you prefer an impenetrable tint, go for C-Bond film, which is designed to stop bullets, among other things.

Decorative Films

As the name suggests, decorative window films are employed with design in mind. This type of tint boosts privacy while lending vivid visual appeal. Most people associate decorative films with children's rooms. But your business can also benefit from the same aesthetic elements. For instance, the film can add an extra layer of sophistication to a dull office space, making it more inviting and comfortable.

Decorative window films come in various designs, and you can opt for customized graphics or images. Whether you're keen on disguising glass or adding beauty to your workplace, these films are customizable to blend in with your existing theme. Some of the films you may consider are:

  • Frosted tint - If privacy or a sleek and chic appeal is your aim, frosted window tinting works like a charm. No need to invest in expensive designer glass; this tint does the trick at a fraction of the cost.

  • Colored tint - window tinting for business doesn't mean opting for a single color. Choose from an array of colors and hues, or mix and match to create a personalized look. That way, your space can pop or blend in with the rest of your surroundings.

  • Patterned film - You'll always hit the mark with patterned films. Whether you're looking for a modern or classic appeal, these films deliver style and privacy. Think geographic patterns, polka dots, graphics, pinstripes, and more.

  • Gradient tint - Who said unattractive spaces are unpresentable? With gradient window films, you can create a natural illusion. This tinting type allows for a transition from light to dark or vice versa, adding a unique touch to an area. Thus, your employees can enjoy greater privacy, meaning they're likely to be more productive.

Reflective Tint

Is the sun doing more harm than good? Are your employees constantly ducking or hiding away from the glare? You may want to invest in reflective window film. This tint reflects sun rays and preserves your interior’s visuals.

It works best in commercial settings, giving your property a mirrored appearance. So, if you want to protect your business's classy look without sacrificing the natural light, reflective tinting is the way to go.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Unwanted art on your building can quickly turn your business into an eyesore. And while you can adopt other measures to keep people off your property, anti-graffiti film can help restore your space’s fresh look. Plus, it works on glass and other surfaces, protecting them against acid etching, paint scratches, and other graffiti materials.

Public buildings are more prone to vandalism. Fortunately, this film helps you keep such damage at bay. Plus, commercial window tinting cost is usually low compared to other damage control measures such as repainting surfaces or replacing damaged glass.

Deluxe Film

We get it; you want to keep your business looking dapper. Enter deluxe film, a commercial window tint designed to keep out harsh rays and create a more comfortable atmosphere. It is excellent for areas with lots of activity and traffic, as it maintains privacy while keeping the interior pleasant.

If your employees have been complaining about too much heat or brightness, consider installing deluxe window film. They'll thank you by staying productive.

The non-reflective nature of this film provides a sleek and modern aesthetic while helping you to maintain optimal energy efficiency. In short, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Energy-Efficient Tint

Are you on the hunt for ways to reduce your energy bills? Energy-efficient window film helps keep out UV rays, significantly reducing the strain on your HVAC system. It also keeps your premises cooler and prevents discoloring or fading of furniture or other items due to direct sunlight exposure. By also locking in the heat during colder months, this tint helps you maintain a comfortable atmosphere all year round.

We hope this post opens your eyes to the variety of commercial window tinting options available. Take your pick based on your business needs. And while at it, make Sun Tint your go-to source for tinting services and protection. We know a thing or two about commercial tinting (as we've been around since 1986). We can help you get and install the perfect tint as we deal in all the premium brands. Request a free tinting estimate to determine the commercial window tinting cost for your business.

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