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Scratch Resistant Window Tint Film

Back in the early years of the window film industry even as last as teh 1980s, many window tints did not have any type of coating to protect against scratches.

Even when installing you had to use a soft cloth wraped over a hard bondo type squeegee in order not to damage or scratch the film.

Also the homeowner or building maintenance personel had to use extreme caution when cleaning windows that had solar window film installed because the slightest abrasion could ruin and heavily scratch the window film, making it unsightly to view outside the said glass.

But in time the invention of hard coat or scratch resistant coatings help eliminate this once major problem with solar window tinting films.

Even though 99.9% of all window films today have some sort of a protection coating against scratches, some are straonger and more durable than others.

We have seen some that by just using a "5 way" hard tool with medium pressure, the film could be scratched and gouged. While others you could take a thin piece of extra light grade steel wool and it would take 15 to 30 seconds to wear through the protective barrier.

All window films are not created equal. Sun Tint being a mulit line dealer and having used most all film on the market has learned over 30 years which window films are the best.

Contact us for a detailed explanation of what films are the top choice for the installer and the end user.

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