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How to choose the right shade of window tinting film for you home, business or car. Part 1 (Window T

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Picking the right shade of window film has alot to do with various factors. Is it for a home, a business, a car, a truck, a sport car or a family car.

For a home most of the time people want the most neutral or invisable look possible on the front of the house from the outside looking in. On the back side of the house the window shade can normally be more noticable from the outside due to the fact that no one will see it other than you. On the front of the house, everyone driving down the road will be see it and it will be more noticable than the back becuase people who pass by the front of the home can see the windows of your house and others at the same time and it becomes obvious that something is on your windows if it is dark or shiny. Our team only uses the best paint protection film in the industry.

On the back of the house again that is usually not an issue and darker or more reflective films are fine. Here in Louisville and also in Lexington Kentucky window film is very popular. And you have probably seen many homes in your own neighborhood that have it but because they may have used almost clear films you have not noticed. And even some of the medium non shiny films are not very noticable.

From the inside of the house it all depends on how bright the sun in and how rigth the colors of the home are that will determine how dark you want the film. Most films will not cause the interior of your home to be dark. But if you have dark colors already and you get major glare in the morning from the sun, you may need to go dark to solve the bright sun glare issue but it could cause the room to be darker than you like when the sun moves around to the other side of the house in the afternoon.

As far a commerical window be continued in next blog post

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תגובה אחת

11 ביולי 2022

You can ask a windshield replacement expert or an auto glass repair company. They know what type of tinting is suitable for the particular car's window.

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