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Enery Savings Benefits of Window Tinting for your Home or Business Louisville, KY

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Window Films come in a variety of shades, compositions and performances. Some our clear, some dark, some light, some shiny, some non reflective. The reason for most purchases or window tinting for the home or business is to keep the home or business more comfortable by keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thus saving on utility bills. Electrice bills can be very high in some areas especially those areas where there are extreme tempatures.

Many utility companies will offer rebates on window film purchases for the home or commercial window tinting in order to help pay for some of the job. In some cases this can be significant.

In our area LGE and KU offer some very good rebates in order to help offset the cost or window tinting installation on your residential homes.

Other reasons for purchses of window film are to help reduce fading of furniture and hardwoods along with blocking out annoying bright sun glare.

Contact us today for FREE estimates and let us help you obtain a rebate to help pay for part of your window tint installation for your house.

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