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All Window Films are not the same

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

After being the the window tint industry for 30 years and seeing everything that has come and gone, and the way this industry segment had evolved we have learned a few things. Especially when it comes to brands and window film construction.

We have learned that manufactures with deep marketing pockets dont necessarily mean that they have the best window films. As a matter of fact a couple in particular manufactures with well known names ONLY because of their marketing budget have what we consdier very inferior films. Seems like they put more into marketing than they do research and development. And one of these has their film even made by someone else but claim to make it themselves.

After serving the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana areas for all these years we have learned that no one company has all the solutions for our customers. Therefore we have decided to be a multi-line window tinting service Louisville.

There is a difference in polyester make up, adhesives, metal, carbon, nano coatings, dyes, hard coat finishes, and even release liners.

Also you need to understand the spec sheets concernig the performance of window films and the one company we mentioned above along with others has a way of using smoke and mirrors with uneducated customers to shock and awe them into believing that they have the best product. But they don't and far from it. All of our research is backed and validated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and other agenices that oversee the window film industry.

We have built are company on good old fashion honesty and intergrity and simply doing a good job. Our owner is involved in EVERY day to day job! He meets the customer, shakes their hand and looks them in the eye. And he is probably the pickiest person on the planet and looks out for each customer just like they were family! This is what has made Sun Tint and his companies the most successful in the Kentucky and Indiana areas.

We have films that will prevent premature fading of furniture and hardwood floors. We install everything with our very own exclusive 25 step "factor fit" window tint installation method. Nothing comes close.

Contact us today for more information.

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