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3 Ways To Remove Window Tints

Updated: May 2, 2023

Window tints are great for improving aesthetics, reducing UV rays and their damaging impact, and reducing heat effects. Whether a car, home, or office, window tints give the final cool look to your property. However, you may wish to remove it for different reasons, including updating or upgrading the tints.

Removing window tints is a delicate process, especially as window screens are twice as delicate. You want to cross your T's and dot your I's to ensure an excellent outcome. This article goes over how to remove car window tints with ease.

Before you begin, you need your safety mechanic gloves and safety glasses. The mechanic gloves are recomm

ended because they are hard and can protect your hand from glass cuts. The safety glasses protect your eye from glass shards.

Having locked down the essential safety gear, other tools needed to remove window tint include;

  • Steamer (appropriate if you choose the steaming window tint removal method)

  • Ammonia or soap and water (if you choose this window tint removal method)

  • Razor Blade Scraper or window tint removal tool set

  • Heat gun or hair dryer (appropriate for heat removal method)

  • Window cleaner

  • Extension cords

  • Tarps

  • Garbage bags

  • Microfib

er towel

  • Garbage container

3 Methods to Remove Tint from Car Windows

Now that you have the tools needed, we share below some common methods for removing window tints. The common DIY window tint removal methods are;

  • Using a steamer

  • Using a heat gun or hair dryer

  • Using ammonia or soap and water

Some people may remove window tint using a razor blade scraper and water. This method is quite easy and straightforward. You apply water on the window surface to wet the tint while running through it with a razor blade scraper. While this method may appear easy, the major downsides are in the quality of the outcome. You can easily leave scratch marks on the window surface using this method. This method can also take time and does not guarantee a clean outcome. These downsides are why using a scraper or blade is not readily recommended.

Learn below the three other ways to take window tints off your car windows.

Using a Steamer

If you're wondering how to take tint off car windows, a steamer can come in handy. Steamers can be used to apply heat to window tints. The heat breaks the adhesion between the window screen and the

tint, making it easier to remove the tint.

Below are the steps required to remove window tints using a steamer

  1. Roll down your vehicle's window a little bit to expose the top end of it.

  2. Hold the steamer some inches away from the top end of your car's window. Apply heat throughout the length of your vehicle's window. Do this for the inside and outside of the window. The heat should effectively break the adhesive bond between the tint and your window.

  3. Once fully and evenly steamed, trace the corners of your vehicle's window for loose tint areas. Ensure that there's enough tint to lift up at the corners for easy removal. You can apply more steam to the window when the initial steaming has been ineffective.

  4. Peel off the loose tints carefully from top to bottom. Apply heat at intervals to areas that won't come off.

Using a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

A hair dryer or heat gun functions similarly to using a steamer. In this case, dry, warm air is supplied to the tinted window to break the adhesive bond between the window and tint. Heat guns or hair dryers produce dry heat that slowly but effectively helps you remove window tints. Being a slow process, you'll need more time to heat the window up and break the adhesive bond.

Set your heat gun or hair dryer on high and direct its heat to the top corner of your window. Ensure it is held a few inches away from the window to avoid heating it up too much and damaging the tint. Watch the adhesive bond break and use a razor to peel it off carefully.

You may need to apply heat to some other window areas to reduce the force required to pull the tint off. Ensure that appropriate heat is applied at a distance to avoid damaging your vehicle's window.

Using Ammonia or Soap and Water

Using ammonia requires a little bit of extra care and attention to detail. This is because the compound can damage your vehicle's interior. Follow the steps below to remove your car window tint.

  1. Protect your car's interior by covering using plastic sheets, garbage bags, or tarps.

  2. Cut out black garbage bags to fit your window, spray your soap and water mix, and then stick the garbage bags to your window's interior and exterior sides.

  3. If using ammonia, spray the interior and exterior sides of your window with the compound and apply the garbage bags to both sides of the window. Use tape to hold the garbage bags on both sides of the window to prevent slipping or coming off.

  4. Leave the garbage bag-covered windows for one to two hours before checking on them.

  5. Remove the garbage bags from the windows and check the loosened window tint. Remove the window tint from the top part or peel off the tint using a razor.

Using one of these three methods is sure to generate the desired outcome. However, you may find that your car's window

still has some remnant adhesives on it. Getting rid of this remnant is easy and inexpensive. Follow the steps below;

  1. Spray your vehicle's window with isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, or nail polish remover.

  2. Use a microfiber cloth or rag to wipe the sprayed surface while removing the adhesive from the window screen.

You can repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary until your window screen is free of adhesive.

Why Remove Window Tints

Window tint removals are essentia

l sometimes, especially when they've become old, unattractive, or require updating. Below are some of the common reasons vehicle owners remove their window tints.


Bubbles in window tints diminish the cool finish and appearance. It is quite similar to bubbling paint. Unlike wall paints, window tint bubbles are caused by trapped air or heat, which diminishes the adhesive bond between the window and tint. Vehicle owners often remove their window tints to get rid of the bubble.


Window tints can often lose their original color after a while. This may be due to constant exposure to the sun and its UV rays. It is advisable to remove discolored tints as they not only compromise your vehicle's aesthetics but also offer less protection against heat and UV rays.

Vehicle owners interested in removing or re-applying a window tint near me know the importance of hiring a professional to handle the job. Not only do professionals like Sun Tint save time, we know the best window tint removal and installation methods that guarantee the best outcomes. Get in touch with Sun Tint for all window tinting services.

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