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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from window film aka window tinting.

When it comes to retail store fronts it is important to understand the needs of the business, not just for performance but aesthetics and the need to be able to see into and though the glass. And to easily see items for sale and promotional displays.

In order to accomplish and keep the clear view inside and out, while blocking out the heat and prevent fading of the items in the storefront, you need a very high performance spectrally select window film.

The way that spectrally select window films are engineered allows them to be virtually invisible by the human eye while accomplishing this goal of energy savings, comfort and fade protection.

Also some storefront films are desigend to also prevent "smash and grab" thieves from stealing items in place of ugly expensive burgular bars.


LGE and KU window film rebates available to help pay for part of you window tinting installation job.


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