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Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting in Fern Creek, KY

Your Go-To Experts for Residential, Commercial, and Car Window Tinting in Fern Creek, KY

When searching for a window tinting service, you want a pro who knows their stuff. You need an experienced professional who can ensure quality yet prompt results. Sun Tint is a name you can count on for commercial, residential, and auto window tinting services in Fern Creek, KY. We've been a  Fern Creek tint place over 38 years.

Fern Creek Window Tinting Company With a Long-standing Reputation

  • Experienced Professionals

  • 100% Full-Service Glass Tinting

  • Ongoing Special Offers

  • Guaranteed Quality and Workmanship

Our Services


Auto Window Tinting

We offer you the satisfaction of knowing your vehicle is protected from harsh UV rays and heat. We also stick to the highest quality standards and let you choose the ideal opacity level to match your aesthetic and preference.


Commercial Window Tinting

Our long-lasting commercial building window tint defines your space, keeps it cooler, and enhances privacy.

Reeded Glass film - 1.jpeg

Decorative Window Films

You can select from various designs and patterns to customize your space for a look all your own.


Ceramic Coating

Get the ultimate protection for your car windows with ceramic coating. This advanced technology leaves you with a glossy, smooth finish while offering comprehensive protection from UV rays.

Fern Creek Window Tinting Company Near You

Nothing beats an expertly tinted window. Reduce glare, protect your furniture and possessions from sun damage, and keep prying eyes out with durable film solutions. At Sun Tint, we use premium films from trusted brands like Llumar, SunTek, Vkool, and Vista. We are proud to serve Fern Creek residents needing car window tinting in Fern Creek, KY. Whether you want your Car, Truck, or RV tinted or an update on your home or business' windows in the cards, we have you covered.

We're also available for custom auto window tinting in Fern Creek by appointment. Feel free to request a free tinting estimate. You may also contact us at:

Sun Tint, 4511 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40205, 502-254-0001

Why You Can Trust Sun Tint?

  • Full-service tinting solutions - auto, commercial and residential.

  • Premium films from trusted manufacturers.

  • Free window tint estimates.

  • Client-centered service provider.

  • 30+ years of experience.

  • Workmanship guaranteed.

Meeting the Needs of Customers in Fern Creek, Louisville, KY

Sun Tint's friendly and courteous professionals proudly serve Fern Creek residents. For residential, auto, or commercial window tinting Fern Creek, KY our team is up to the task. We also cater to customers in surrounding cities, including:

  • Ridge Park, KY

  • Shively, KY

  • Saint Matthews, KY

  • Newburg, KY

  • Middletown, KY

Fern Creek Window Tinting Company Offering Comprehensive Services

Since 1986, home, business, and car owners in Fern Creek have trusted Sun Tint for all their window tinting needs. As a professional residential window tinting company in Fern Creek, KY, we are committed to providing exceptional service to all of our clients. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality work on every assignment. We're a full-service company and have set the standard for window tinting in the region. Our services include:

  • Auto Tinting - Keeps your car cool and stylish.

  • Safety and Security Films - To guard against break-ins and intruders while enhancing your privacy.

  • Commercial Window Tinting - Our films help keep the temperature in your business low when things heat up.

  • Residential Tinting - Protects your furniture from fading and reduces glare.

  • Decorative Tinting - Ideal for adding a unique touch to your home or business.

  • Ceramic Coating - Adds scratch resistance, glare reduction, and UV protection.

  • Paint Film Protection - A great way to maintain your vehicle’s exterior.

  • Customized Car Tinting – Ideal when you want your car to stand out from the crowd.

Sun Tint


Fern Creek, Louisville, KY, USA


+1 502-254-0001

Mobile Fern Creek Car Tinting Services

Seeking car tinting services doesn't mean reorganizing your schedule and giving up a few hours of your day. Sun Tint offers mobile window tinting in Fern Creek, so you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to bring your car in. Our highly trained technicians come to you. Plus, our rates are the same - no hidden charges for mobile tinting. We also specialize in paint protection film and ceramic coating services to extend the life of your vehicle while maintaining its like-new look.


How much does car tinting in Fern Creek cost

Window tinting prices vary depending on the type of film, the number of windows being tinted, and the size of each window. You may request a free estimate to help you determine your car's total tinting cost.

What types of window tinting films do you offer

We offer a variety of high-quality window films from trusted brands, including Llumar, Huper Optik, Sunscape, Madico and 3M. We can also create custom tints based on your unique needs.

Vital Fern Creek Tinting Information You Need

The pros at Sun Tint understand that tinting your vehicle, business, or home windows is an investment in your comfort and safety. However, you need to consider a few aspects before taking the plunge. Here's some helpful information to help streamline the process in Fern Creek, KY.

Louisville Metro PD

Website: Visit the site

Address: 7201 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40228

Phone: 502-574-2133

Louisville Codes & Regulations

Website: Click to visit

Address: 444. S. 5th Street Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 574-2508

Staying on Top of the Local Fern Creek News

Sun Tint understands the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest news in your locality. As such, we follow local news closely and take note of events that might be relevant to our customers.

  • Lawful auto tinting: We know that laws can change from time to time, and the regulations about window tinting can impact your experience while on Kentucky's roads. Our team keeps you informed to avoid legal trouble due to excessive window tinting or other infractions.  

  • Avoiding Renovation Costs - window tinting helps your business avoid the high cost of renovating your property by providing an additional layer of protection from harmful UV rays. The team at Sun Tint helps Louisville businesses keep tabs on their car window tinting needs by offering an alternative to otherwise expensive renovations.

  • Keeping Electric Vehicles Cool - Tesla vehicle owners will be pleased to know that Sun Tint offers window tint for EVs, allowing them to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience while staying protected against heat and UV rays. And that also means their vehicles' charging and cooling systems can have an easier time.

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