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By wrk777, Oct 9 2014 02:00PM

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from window film aka window tinting.

When it comes to retail store fronts it is important to understand the needs of the business, not just for performance but aesthetics and the need to be able to see into and though the glass. And to easily see items for sale and promotional displays.

In order to accomplish and keep the clear view inside and out, while blocking out the heat and prevent fading of the items in the storefront, you need a very high performance spectrally select window film.

The way that spectrally select window films are engineered allows them to be virtually invisible by the human eye while accomplishing this goal of energy savings, comfort and fade protection.

Also some storefront films are desigend to also prevent "smash and grab" thieves from stealing items in place of ugly expensive burgular bars.


LGE and KU window film rebates available to help pay for part of you window tinting installation job.


By wrk777, Oct 3 2014 11:58AM

We started in this industry over 30 years ago, and during this time we have seen alot of manufacturers of window film come and alot go. There are several good quality manufacturers and many who also make cheap inferior window film that makes the industry look bad.

I was just talking to a fellow today and I had mentioned to him that if you recieved a bad installation for free it was not a good deal. A window film job can make or break the looks of your home, business or car. So allways choose an "good" installation company.

However with that said, you can have the best window tinting film installation in the world but have bad film and in short time the film can start to deteriorate or just not be effective.

A good brand name window film manufacturer can be relied on most of the time for having accurate performance results on the product data sheets.

Window film that is poor quality can bubble, peel, discolor, turn purple for dyed films, distort, delamiinate, demetalize, have its hard coat or scratch resistant coatings to flake off and many otehr scenarios.

Also depending on the adhesive system used on the window film to cause it to stick to the glass the film can look distorted to some degree even when first applied. Pressure sensitive films are nortorious for this. Especially if it is used on commercial or residential window tint films because they are oftern applied to large panes of glass making the distortion more obvious.

We recommend you stay away from commercial residential solar films that have pressure sensitive adhesives. They are the type that are sticky to touch like tape.

We had a very well known company who makes thousands of products and "also" markets window film. We say market because they really dont make their own film. They have it made for them. But because the brand is used for many household and industrial and automotive markets, their window film is viewed by the genral public as being high quality. This company tried to sell us a few years back that they were the best, that they had made significant changes and on and on. Well we gave it a try, but we immediatley seen on the very first house we used it on that the film was way more distorted than all the "NON" pressure sensitive films we had been using up till that time. It as not long until we dropped that product after this and other issues we saw with the film. At certain times of the day you could look at the film and it would have a hazy look, (we have photos to better explain this), but at other times of the day it would be gone. It was a weird manufaturing issue. The way the film was made.

Anyway after 30 years we have rested with the fact that certain films are good and certain one are not. No matter how much marketing the factory puts into promoting the window tinting film they make.

The most popular main line window films are ASWF (American Standard Window Film), Suntek, Madico, Sunscape, Huper Optik, Geo Shield, V-Kool, Llumar, Vista, 3m, Solar Gard, Panorama. As far a quality we can recommend all but 3 of these. For more detailed information you can contact us at www.sun-tint.com for more information. Louisville Best Window Tinting Films.

By wrk777, Sep 30 2014 12:27PM

When chosing the rigth shades or window tint for you car or truck or any road vehicle there are several things to consider. First of all the legalities. What films are legal to install depends on what state you are in. There are several websites around the internet that have all this information. Also if you are going to bring a car in from out of state to be registered in a new state you need to be sure that your window film is not to dark according to the laws of the new state otherwise they will not register your vehicle. You are oftern left with the option of removing the window film and may state on just the two front doors. As many states are not as retstrictive on darkness of the back doors and back glass of window film applied to a motor vehicle. This is because law officers want to be able to see the driver from both sides. However some states are very restricitve on all glass. So find out the facts before having window tinting installed on your vehicle.

The other thing to consider is how you want the car to look. If you want the gangster black look most people will choose dark films like 5%, 15%, or 20%. If you want that European look most people choose a 35% or even a 25%. If you want the elegant classy look then you may want to choose a lighter 50% window film. The higher the number the lighter the film will be, and likewise the lower the number the darker the film will be.

There are many brands of film out there. Many high quality and many low quality.


Your window film dealer should be able to help you make the right choise and have the proper displays on site to help you with your decision.

By wrk777, Sep 27 2014 03:12PM

When it comes to commercial window tinting shades it is a little easier to choose depending on whether the building it is a retail store front or not.

If it is a retail store front and you there will be displays of items for sale that you want people to be able to see, then you will want one of Sun Tint's brands of Cool & Clear window film that looks invisable to they human eye. Or you could opt for a very light film like a 60% light transmission or maybe even a 50%. If the glass is dual pane it will sometimes pick up a glazy look and that might contribute to it being even harder to see in. So in that case you would need to probably stay to more than 50% light transmission films.

The shade you choose also depends on why you need the film in the first place. If it is just heat rejection or fading of items or furnishings that you want to protect you can go with lighter films that have a high Total solar energy rejection and UV filtering. If bright sun glare is the issue, then you want to go dark as possible with the lowest light transmissions. There are several films that have as low as 5% light transmissions.

And remember that the proper window film choice can not only give your employees and customers a more comfortable enviroment but also can save you alot of money on your energy bills.

Call us today for a FREE estimate


By wrk777, Sep 23 2014 05:00PM

Picking the right shade of window film has alot to do with various factors. Is it for a home, a business, a car, a truck, a sport car or a family car.

For a home most of the time people want the most neutral or invisable look possible on the front of the house from the outside looking in. On the back side of the house the window shade can normally be more noticable from the outside due to the fact that no one will see it other than you. On the front of the house, everyone driving down the road will be see it and it will be more noticable than the back becuase people who pass by the front of the home can see the windows of your house and others at the same time and it becomes obvious that something is on your windows if it is dark or shiny.

On the back of the house again that is usually not an issue and darker or more reflective films are fine. Here in Louisville and also in Lexington Kentucky window film is very popular. And you have probably seen many homes in your own neighborhood that have it but because they may have used almost clear films you have not noticed. And even some of the medium non shiny films are not very noticable.

From the inside of the house it all depends on how bright the sun in and how rigth the colors of the home are that will determine how dark you want the film. Most films will not cause the interior of your home to be dark. But if you have dark colors already and you get major glare in the morning from the sun, you may need to go dark to solve the bright sun glare issue but it could cause the room to be darker than you like when the sun moves around to the other side of the house in the afternoon.

As far a commerical window film.......to be continued in next blog post


By wrk777, Sep 20 2014 03:00PM

Window Films come in a variety of shades, compositions and performances. Some our clear, some dark, some light, some shiny, some non reflective. The reason for most purchases or window tinting for the home or business is to keep the home or business more comfortable by keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thus saving on utility bills. Electrice bills can be very high in some areas especially those areas where there are extreme tempatures.

Many utility companies will offer rebates on window film purchases for the home or business (Residential or Commerical) in order to help pay for some of the job. In some cases this can be significant.

In our area LGE and KU offer some very good rebates in order to help offset the cost or window tinting installation on your residential homes.

Other reasons for purchses of window film are to help reduce fading of furniture and hardwoods along with blocking out annoying bright sun glare.

Contact us today for FREE estimates and let us help you obtain a rebate to help pay for part of your window tint installation for your house.


By wrk777, Sep 2 2014 01:01PM

People seek out to get window film also known as window tint or window tinting for their home, business or vechicle for many different reasons. First of all it depends on if it is for a home or business or secondly a vehicle. Window Tinting or Window Film is ver poplular here in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana.

However, it depends on what you are wanting to have window film installed on that normally determines the purpose.

With a vehicle most people just want their windows "darkened" to get that sleek, cool or suttle european look.

However with a home or business or you may want to say residential or commercial window tinting application, people usually want either energy savings, utility bill reductions, or to protect their furniture and hardwoods from fading, or they want to reduce solar heat gain that cause the house or building to get to hot, or they want to block out the annoying bright sun light or glare.

There are hundreds of different types of window films or window tints on the market and it is hard for the average consumer to determine or choose just what they need.

Sun Tint is a multi-line dealer and with 30 years of expereince we have knowledge of most every window tinting film on the market. We carry and install most of them. Some we don't if we just don't believe in the brand or product.

Call us today and we will help you find the right solution for you window tinting needs


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By wrk777, Sep 1 2014 03:30AM

Back in the early years of the window film industry even as last as teh 1980s, many window tints did not have any type of coating to protect against scratches.

Even when installing you had to use a soft cloth wraped over a hard bondo type squeegee in order not to damage or scratch the film.

Also the homeowner or building maintenance personel had to use extreme caution when cleaning windows that had solar window film installed because the slightest abrasion could ruin and heavily scratch the window film, making it unsightly to view outside the said glass.

But in time the invention of hard coat or scratch resistant coatings help eliminate this once major problem with solar window tinting films.

Even though 99.9% of all window films today have some sort of a protection coating against scratches, some are straonger and more durable than others.

We have seen some that by just using a "5 way" hard tool with medium pressure, the film could be scratched and gouged. While others you could take a thin piece of extra light grade steel wool and it would take 15 to 30 seconds to wear through the protective barrier.

All window films are not created equal. Sun Tint being a mulit line dealer and having used most all film on the market has learned over 30 years which window films are the best.

Contact us for a detailed explanation of what films are the top choice for the installer and the end user.


By wrk777, Aug 30 2014 06:53PM

As you can see on our site we primarly advertise and discuss window tinting for Homes and Businesses. However, we have many years of experience in installing window film on all types of glass.

We wanted to talk for just a minute about auto and truck window tinting. Window tinting installation for vehicles can be a little challenging due to the compund curves of most auto glass. It is almost in some bases like trying to take gieft wrapping paper and wrap a basketball or a bowl. It does not want to lay done smooth. Therefore understanding the nature of compound curves and getting a good feel for a certain window film brand are essential in turning out high quality installations.

There is then the method of shrinking the film by using a heat gun and your hand (normally with a glove) to conform and mold the window film to fit smooth up agaist the glass. This is something that takes time to learn and one only gets good at if from time and experience.

All window tint installations are an ART not just a INSTALLATION. Not everyone can learn it and not everyone will be good at it. You have to have a natural ability to do it, and then learning from someone who is good at it helps alot. But it just takes many, many hours or just doing it even after you have aquired the basic knowledge.

Sun Tint developed our very own exclusive install method we call "Factor Fit Window Tint" insallation. It simply means we turn out the cleanest most detailed installation one can find. We do things that most companies do not take the time to do. Therefore you end up with a "Blue Ribbon" installation.

Contact us today for the best window tinting in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. Also Lexington and Frankfort.


By wrk777, Aug 29 2014 10:11PM

As a continuation to our recent posts about the difference in window films, I want talk today about the construction of window films. In this industry there are dyed windows films that are just basically polyester and dye. The amount of dye determines the darknes or lightness of the window tint material.

There is basically none or at best very little solar protection with this type of film. You find this type of construction mainly for automotive window films. It simply darkens your glass but offer very little in heat rejection.

Next are metalized films. They can have aluminum, titanimum, nickle, even gold and silver laminated in microscopic layers to product very effective solar protection and performance. The more effective these films are the more mirrored or shiny they tend to be on the outside looking into the building or home.

Then you have ceramic window films, made of just that. Think layers of cermic that tend to give you superior heat rejection and solar protection without having to be dark or shiny. Many of these films are manufactured with nano technology that brings this type of film into the forefront of they new direction in technology that is being born in the window film and window tinting industry.

For more info call us, we will be glad to speak with you.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality or window film and window tinting and window tint in the Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany, Floyd Knobs, Sellersburg, Indiana. Also Lexington, and Frankfort, Kentucky.

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