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Residential & Commercial

Window Tinting in Louisville, KY



We do business the "Old Fashion Way"...WE EARN IT!


Serving Louisville, Lexington & Frankfort Since 1986. We are the pioneers in "Full Service Window Tinting"  Owners Involved in Every Job!

Clear & Colorless

Solar Films

Reduce Heat & Prevent Fading without change!


Virtually Invisable Solar films that keep your home or business cool and comfortable without being dark!


Prevent UV Fade of Furnishings without changing the look of your windows!

What are people saying!

After 27 Years we have alot of happy customers!


We have completed more window tinting jobs than any other company in Kentucky.


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Before the installation our west facing waiting room was almost un-bearable for our patients due to the excess heat and glare from the sun. After Sun Tint's installation our patients could enjoy our waiting area...making it Sun Friendly! They did a fantastic job, and it still looks as good today as it did the day of installation"

                          Dr. Rick Hellmann

Rick and Kelly

Our windows look great and the tint has helped block out so much of the sun’s glare and heat. If we ever have any future window tinting needs we will be calling on them again.

Thank you"

                            Pastor Tracy Sims

           Riverport Community Church


"Sun Tint installed Window Film in 2006 at my practice office in Jtown.

"Our church recently hired Sun Tint to tint the windows on our new building. We are very pleased with the work they performed.

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Sun Tint offers the finest in Window Tinting installation for home, business and cars. Residential, Commercial and Auto window tinting is what we do...and we do it best at great prices. Our films help reduce heat gain and hot uncomfortable situations. The window films also filter out over 99% of the UV light to reduce fading of furnishings, hardwoood floors, and furniture. Also we have clear window films that will prevent fading of storefront items and not hinder visability into or out of store.


Our Sun Tint solar window tinting films also block annoying bright sun light and glare up to 93%. Also our ceramic, and Nano Carbon films reduce infrared light and heat up to 97%.


We have clear to dark window films and tint for your home and business. And for your car tinting needs, we have all types of shades including 50%, 35%, 20% and 5% limo tint. And we also have mirrored tint.


There are many, many brands of window films and window tint on the market today such as Suntek, 3M Prestige, 3M Scotch Tint, Llumar, Vista, Geoshield, VKool, HUper Optik, Madico, Sun Gard, Solar Gard, Sun Scape, ASWF, Wincos IR, Hanitatek, Hanita Window Films, Infrared Film, Ceramic Window Films, spectrally selective window films and others. We also offer sercurity and safety film, and blast mitigation, Manifestation, sometimes referred to as fenestration...we do it all. Carbon window films, galss tinting. Desinger films, decorator films, frosted films, ect. Architectual films, sun control window films. Comfort in homes, and cool cars. Also we can tint your boat.


Serving these areas any many others:


Louisville, KY; Louisville, Kentucky; Lexington, KY; Lexington, Kentucky; Frankfort, KY; Frankfort, Kentucky; Floyds Knobs, Indiana; Floyds Knobs, IN: Clarksville, IN; Clarksville, Indiana; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Jeffersonville, IN; Sellersburg, IN; Sellersburg, Indiana; Salem, Indiana; Salem, Indiana; Seymour, Indiana; Seymour, IN; Utica, Indiana, Utica, IN; Elizabethtown, KY; Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Bardstown, KY; Bardstown, Kentucky; Shelbyville, KY; Shelbyville, Kentucky; Mount Washington, KY; Mount Washington, Kentucky; Mt. Washington, KY; Mt.Washington, Kentucky; Shepherdsville, KY; Sheperdsville, Kentucky; Prospect, KY; Prospect, Kentucky;


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